‘Hasta El Cielo’: The World of Aluniceros continues for the Netflix movie in series form

The tale of some Alunicross that was marked by an intense and tragic love story, told on film Daniel Calparsoro high in the sky, has its continuation in the series that Netflix premieres on Friday the 17th. And it still shows that the universe is made of Suburban criminals, but, above all, it gives a chance to strong characters who inevitably remain in the background in the film so that they can tell their story. how The only one (Asia OrtegaAnd Boarding school: Las CumbresAnd city), the wife of its protagonist (Angel/Miguel Herran), and her father, Don Rogelio (Louis TosarAnd Cell 211And Midas favourite).

Although it never occurred to the film crew that it was high in the sky It was a series, the product suggestion sounded like a good idea. “We saw that with those sly acts and some hits and robberies based on reality (even if it was fictional), we had great material,” says Calparsuro. And they wanted to abound in human depth Which, being a choral series, only gets more intense in relation to the movie. “Because we’re mainly talking about Emotions of conflict between peopleAnd it’s part of the heart of the series, even though it’s seasoned with action and even though it has this criminal background,” says the creator of Operation Black Tide.


Thus, the new fantasy, Up to Heaven: The Series. Up to Heaven: The SeriesDirected by the movie Calparasuro hyphenate again from Jorge Guerricaechevarriastars The Robber’s Widow, a woman who decides to take over the reins of the business inherited from her late husband, eschewing the meddling of her controlling father, Strong trader. One of the series’ intentions is to portray these people: to say where they come from and who they are… “They are the heirs of the Mercheros, a race of criminals, of Spanish thieves, and it’s real. People who live steal and steal to live. It’s their way of life. And they’re very organized, Calparasoro explains.

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Another is to describe and delve into the characters, since Seven chapters They have enough space and time to develop the feelings and conflicts that exist between them. In a natural way it arose that since Sole was the sole survivor of the trilogy, The series had a female lead. “This is how we also introduced a vision of the female side. It told the story of a young woman who wants to be respected in a man’s world and who must struggle to take back what is somehow hers.” She also has to earn her father’s respect.

Father and daughter

Tosar’s character, Don Rogelio, although part of the underworld, is not portrayed in a forced and fanciful way, in which a bad guy would be very bad. “Danny said to me, ‘This guy has to You look like a normal person. You can’t say when he’s on screen: Oh, hell, he’s the bad guy! Tosar confirms. The key to this guy is the whole chain. He’s a family man with ordinary problems,” describes the creator. His biggest fear is that his daughter wants to free herself from him and wants to get into the same business.” Because he knows it’s very dangerous,” Calbarsuro insists.

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But he found that this daughter is a woman Commissioners and very clear ideas. Unlike the movie that was daughter & mldr. (Roger) f wife & mldr. (Angel), now the only one is the only one, Squad leader– says the actress. And she will show that by departing from her father’s methodology, she will not be wrong,” she warns.

What was not in his plans was to fall in love. She is invaded by another member of the band who is not who she pretends to be, a character she plays Alvaro Rico (The other lookAnd sunrise). “Fernan sneaks up on the gang to do their job. But the series, more than just a story of thieves, tells a love story. Because Sole and he really do fall in love. And he found that the fulfillment of his mission would mean betraying love, ”recognises Rikuo. Together, they make up this very universe Patricia Ficonewcomer Alana La Hija del Jeque, Richard Holmes, Fernando Cayo, and urban music artists Ajax Pedrosa, Dollar Selmony, Grafter, and more.

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