Hanif Kureishi could become paralyzed after falling in Rome

The Anglo-Pakistani writer has undergone spinal surgery but may never be able to walk or write by hand again

Anglo-Pakistani writer Hanif Qureshi could become a paraplegic. The author, now 68, faces the possibility of living his life in a wheelchair paralysis that not only prevents him from walking, but also prevents him from holding a pen or writing on a computer again, After, after He suffered the fall of December 26 last in Rome. From the moment the accident occurred, author Suburban Buddha He dedicated himself to broadcasting his condition via Twitter while he was admitted to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. His wife, the literary agent Isabella D’Amicoand Carlo, one of his three sons, are the people who have been financially devoted to writing the tweets whose production has not ceased because Qureshi has always been particularly active on the net and now seems desperately in need of communication with his readers.

The writer, who had moved to the Italian capital for the Christmas holidays with his wife, had seen it on television Liverpool vs Aston Villa match While he was drinking beer and suddenly, as he recalled, he began to feel dizzy. I woke up a few minutes later A pool of blood, and a strangely twisted neck And my wife, beside me on her knees, wrote – or rather, they wrote to him. In later tweets, he explained that he felt kind of disconnected from himself, as he saw a “shovel-shaped semicircular object with claws and rdquor; that ended up being his hand.” I thought I was dying and I only had minutes to live.

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He performed the operation on the spine in the Romanian hospitalQureshi, who retains some sensitivity and some movement in his limbs, will soon begin physical therapy and rehabilitation and is facing the future in a practical way as he asked his followers if they knew of any voice assistant software that would allow him to write through dictation and be able to carry on with his life. The author used to write most of his books by hand. For now, he explains, You can’t scratch your nose, make a phone call, or eat. “As you can imagine this is demeaning, degrading, and a burden to others.

Despite his condition, the writer never completely lost his sense of humor, which he always displayed in its darkest aspects. The only good thing that can be said about paralysis is that You don’t have to move to shit and pee” He said as he invited his followers to have a big drink with him. “See you tomorrow dear friends, in this bullshit world. All my love & rdquor ;.

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Expressions of solidarity from a fan of the author My beautiful laundry As for Privacy It was huge and the author revealed that his dear friend Salman Rushdiewho was also in delicate health after the attack last summer that nearly cost him his life, came into daily contact with him.

His relationship with his wife

Qureshi also runs a blog explaining and trying to make sense of this traumatic experience that changed his life as a writer: “As I talk to them, my hands feel like strange things. They are swollen, I can’t move them and I can’t locate them. In fact, they might be in another building, eating a few Drinks with friends.” But also, he shares, daily life with his wife, who was the one who initially took care of him after the accident and called the emergency room: “Our relationship has taken a new turn, which we did not expect, and we have to find a way to love each other in a different way. I have no idea at the moment how to do that.

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