Halloween | Halloween pumpkin | How to design and decorate your own pumpkin for Halloween

October 31, The day Halloween is celebrated Night of the Witches, has many traditions such as dressing up and going trick-or-treating or making a pumpkin to use as a lamp or to fill with candy.

The origin of Halloween comes from the hand of the Celtic peoples, who celebrated this day as a remembrance of the end time of things, the end of summer and with it the change of season. However, the Irish were responsible for transporting it to the United States. With the tradition of using turnips as lampposts, which comes from an ancient legend, the story of Jacques Ollantern.

Legend has it that Jack outlived Satan until his death and Use hollow turnip as a light bulb. Much later, this story was extended and various vegetables began to be used as lamps. Turning into a gourd was simply The surplus of these vegetables reduced their cost and made them easier to obtain.

Over the years, this tradition has gained importance in other countries and in this article we will tell you how to make your own pumpkin.

In order to make our Halloween pumpkin, We will need the following utensils:

  • pen or marker

  • a knife

  • punch

  • Pumpkin Spoon

next one We tell you the steps to follow To get our Halloween pumpkin:

  • Using a marker or pen, we draw what will be the cap of the pumpkin.

  • Once we have determined where our lid will go, with the tip of the knife, we gradually cut the lid off the pumpkin.

  • We will empty the pumpkin from the inside with a spoon or a special utensil to empty the pumpkin. The goal is to empty it as much as possible.

  • Once the pumpkin is empty, we draw a face on one of the sides, which we will then mark with a punch so we can make an earlier cut that will make it easier for us to work with the knife later.

  • We cut with a knife the eyes, nose and mouth of our gourd, And our Halloween pumpkin will be ready.

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