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October 31 is around the corner And with it Halloween night or witches night. This day, little by little, is gaining importance among the society and more and more people are celebrating the different traditions that this festivity entails. One of these traditions is to dress up, either to go out trick-or-treating or to attend a party. Prepare Make-up. Here are 10 easy makeup ideas for Halloween.

Harley Quinn

The protagonist of “Suicide Squad” is one of the most recurring choices we’ll see the most on Halloween. The main reason is that it is a fairly simple option and that we can do it using the makeup we have at home.


This option is very representative of this holiday. La Catrina is a very representative symbol of the culture of Mexico and the Day of the Dead, which is the symbol of death. In this make-up we can mix white and black with the colors we want. In this case, you can use a pink or red pencil.


A mix of glam, fantasy, and a little inspiration from the popular HBO series will give you this quick and easy makeup look. This can be a good option if you don’t have your own costume for this Halloween.

Spider-Man or Woman

This make-up can be done in different ways, from the most complex, inspired by the comic character, to the simplest, where the spider web should prevail. You can do the latter with a pencil or black face paint.

batman or woman

Like the previous one, we can complicate the makeup as much as we want. In this case, the example can be done with some black paint and a brightly colored eyeshadow palette.

Inspired by Stranger Things

This make-up, inspired by Eleven, one of the heroes of the well-known Netflix series, is one of the easiest options. The most amazing thing is the blood that comes out of the nose of the protagonist, which we can do with red lipstick.

Addams Family Wednesday

The daughter of this famous family is easy, quick and simple makeup for this Halloween. We’ll only need a black and white makeup paint and two braids, or a wig like this, as a complement to Ten’s outfit.

a little blood

It is one of the most frequent choices during Halloween. The main reason is that with just a few utensils and makeup we can have something that follows today’s trend.

Freddy Krueger

Of all the options we tell you about in this article, this one may be the most complicated. The makeup that you describe yourself as the hero of A Nightmare on Elm Street can be achieved by mixing white face paint with a little red makeup and lipstick, and highlighting the details in black to create cuts on the face. .


From the hands of Batman’s greatest enemies, we can get one of the best costumes on October 31st. The first thing we have to do is paint our faces white, then highlight the eyes with green paint and the lips with red.

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