Halloween 2022 | 8 original ideas to be the best this Halloween 2022

The Halloween party, also known as Halloween, is almost here. This festival, little by little, has become a tradition in our country, although each one celebrates it in a different way. Kids and adults made with the best Fashion on October 31, either for door-to-door street candy ordering or for a party with friends, at a bar or disco.

Among the most commonly used costumes are witch, zombie, or zombie costumes. However, the goal is to be the most creative at the party with an unusual outfit or one that not everyone wears. next one, We give you 8 original costume ideas to be the best this Halloween.

Men in Black: Men in Black

In this popular science fiction movie, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, The officers wear a black suit and a matching tie. This can be a quick and easy option, as the outfit consists of a black suit, white shirt, and black tie. As accessories and to give it a movie feel, we’ll have to get black and gun sunglasses like the ones they carry. One of the last details, which can turn Xena into the most creative outfit for the party, andLet’s get a weird doll, either a small stuffed or inflatable doll.

The clown from the movie “It”

The protagonist of this movie is a clown known as “Pennywise, the dancing clown” and is usually present as a costume choice for these dates year after year since this movie was released in 2017. The most important part of this costume is the makeup, as the clothes can be found in many Shops. As original and distinctive details of this character you can Adding a red balloon inflated with helium, which in the movie represents the presence of this character.

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squid game

This popular series, which premiered on the Netflix digital platform in 2021, has two types of characters: Attackers, who wear the green tracksuit that defines their reference number by which they are known in the game, and Defenders, who They wear a red jumpsuit and a mask that is geometrically shaped so that they are unrecognizable. Both options are original and simple costumes for a party on October 31. Also, as it is a chain that has become quite popular, you can find this outfit in many physical stores and online.

“Devil’s Doll”, Chucky

This character’s outfit easyThis can be achieved with denim overalls, a colorful striped jacket and red sneakers. As accessories, for a playful touch, there is a shaggy orange wig, scar makeup and a plastic knife.


The only complication of this fashion idea is the making of backpacks for “ghost hunters” that serve to capture and contain ghosts. the rest of the outfit Beige jumpsuit and plastic glasses. The trick to this costume is to incorporate this movie’s logo onto a backpack or on a jumpsuit. Also, this outfit can be a good choice for a group of four people.

Kim is possible

Leaving traditional costumes aside, we have the hero of this children’s series from the Disney Channel Animation Channel. We can make a “Kim Possible” costume with the clothes we have at home. you just need some green pantsAnd the Black shirt s Black shoes to match the upper. To complete the costume, we will need some black gloves and a brown or black belt. It’s a good last minute option if we don’t have a costume.

The magical godparents

This option is not very popular for Halloween, but when it comes to originality, anything goes. In this case, this costume is for two people, because they are two interrelated personalities. The heroes are Cosmo and Wanda, two fairy godmothers who grant wishes to a child. The outfit can also be Get it with clothes we have at home or easily get in stores. The important details of this costume are the wings that we can make with cardboard, the wand and the colorful hair that is very characteristic of these characters.

car wash tunnel

If you want to be the most creative in the party and be the center of attention, this is the best choice. However, of the eight options that we present to you, this is the one that is a bit more complicated. Needs more detail, but It is still accessible to everyone. One tip is to go two on two for the tunnel car wash simulator.

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