Halloween: 10 Movies Released In 2022 To Have A Spooky Time At Home

The horror movies He is still living in a golden age. Rare is the season when a film of the literary genre does not draw audiences in great numbers to cinemas, just as it is not uncommon for some of the most daring and imaginative cinematic proposals to come, specifically, of the fictional genre. Next October, without going any further, ‘a smile’ This Thursday’s box office phenomenon has become one of the landmarks of the year in terms of terrorism, the long-awaited “barbaric”. Against the always overwhelming Halloween night, there’s nothing better than this selection of titles released in theaters or platforms this 2022, perfect for indulging in the good-natured horror between ‘panellet’ and ‘panellet’.

“The Black Phone” by Scott Derrickson

Scott Derrickson is a great multi-level player in the genre. He directed the fifth installment of ‘Hellraiser’ as well as a remake of ‘Ultimatum on Earth’ or the first ‘Dr. Strange’. Here Ethan Hawke, with whom he made one of the 10 most terrifying films in history, ‘Sinister’, relives another nightmarish story: A young man kidnapped by a masked man can hear the voices of former crime victims through the phone. Available to buy at + AppleTVRakutenTV , Prime video and Microsoft Store.“The Cellar” Brendan Moldy

Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert—the daughter of Kiefer Sutherland on the series “24”—had her genre moment when she starred in “House of Wax,” Jaume Collet-Serra’s appearance, and “Cautivos,” where she played a kidnapped model. In the basement of New York. His return to the genre is also a return to the basement of the house as an evil space, although trapped here is his daughter and the horror comes from an ancient and sinister entity controlling the mansion. Available in Movistar Plus +.“Grandma” from Baku Plaza

Entering the Thriller with Who Kills with Iron, the Valencian director returns to his natural, insurmountable space, the horror genre, with this sinister story by Carlos Vermott of the panic of old age and decline. Simple, sophisticated and nightmarish, the film, reminiscent of the best Polanski movie, tells the story of a young model who must leave Paris and return to Madrid to take care of her grandmother, who has just had a stroke. spiky hair; Available on Prime Video.

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Medium By Banjong Pisanthanakun

The ‘found footage’ doesn’t have a moment of fullness, certainly due to the erosion of the formula, but from time to time proposals come up that subtly extract the horror inherent in what seems real. This Korean-Thai co-production is based on supposed footage of a group of documentary filmmakers aiming to tell the story of shamanism, but things go awry when a young woman is possessed by an unexpected entity. The “folk terror” slowly burns with trance, sorcery, sacrilege, pretensions and all kinds of petty fears from Southeast Asia. Available on Movistar Plus +.Texas Chainsaw Massacre by David Blue Garcia

The ninth installment of the Texas Butchers saga, without comparing it to the founding title created by Toby Hopper in 1974, but still containing interesting elements. After sequels, prequels, “reboots”, and 3D films, this David Bleu Garcia film based on a plot by Fede Alvarez – director of the remake of Infernal Possession – repeats the plot of the first part, as four young Leatherfaces face off. Chainsaw terror is presented. Available in Netflix.“Eyes of Fire” by Keith Thomas

In the first half of the 1980s, at the height of Stephen King’s film fever, Eyes of Fire was one of his adapted novels. This year Blumhouse revitalized a new version in which Ryan Kiera Armstrong replaces the original Drew Barrymore, a girl with devastating kinetic power that pleases King. More complex in every way, the remake has the allure of a soundtrack composed and performed by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davis. Available on Movistar Plus +.“Venicephrenia”, by Alex de la Iglesia

A bloody and crazy terror masquerade has the unmistakably frenetic hallmark of De la Iglesia. In it, five young Spanish tourists arrive in Venice in the middle of the carnival, but their cravings for partying and drunkenness will sink in when a madman dressed as the clown Rigoletto starts making their lives impossible (well deservedly). The first title from the new horror series The Fear Collection, promoted by The Day of the Beast director’s production company. Available on Prime Video.Scream Directed by Matt Bettenelli Olbin and Tyler Gillette

Another frustrating, unattainable horrific saga, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre saga and Halloween Night. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s creation was a satirical reversal of “slasher,” and this fifth episode continues along the same lines. 25 years after the events of the first movie, the individual returns to his old ways with the knife and the Ghostface mask. The mixture of horror and black comedy, with the addition of original performers, still works. Available on Prime Video.“X” by Ti West

Another luxury company, A24, is behind this horror movie with a porn background. Its heroes are shooting an X-movie in rural Texas in 1979. They don’t see Leatherface’s butchers, but the local old people aren’t any kinder. “Slasher” and “porn-gore” introduced one of the most famous filmmakers of this genre in recent times, Ti West, author of “The House of the Devil”, “The Guest” and an episode of “V/H/S”. Available for rent on Apple TV.Burberry by Zack Krieger

Immediately after its release on the platforms, “Barbarian” arrives preceded by a devastating horror season. Beyond the ‘hype’, it’s a (very) fun exercise in horror little is known, full of surprises, about coming and going, which takes as its starting point the adventures of a young woman arriving at night in the house he rented via Airbnb & mldr; We won’t say more than that: Have a good time watching them, better in company, on this Halloween night. Available on Disney+.

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