Hair strengthening | Mercadona tablets to strengthen hair and nails, which cost less than 4 euros

with arrival autumn Also appears in hair loss. As the season changes, our hair gets thinner, and although it’s normal for our brushes to accumulate more hair during this time of year, we can always try. stop loss With shampoo and vitamins.

Mercadona is aware of this common problem during the fall and to help you get along better, it offers you a solution in the form of tablets Which works to stop hair loss thanks to its components: Zinc, brewer’s yeast and biotin.

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The recommendation is to take Two tablets daily Accompanied by a glass of water, preferably during meals. Each box contains a total of 30 tablets and their costs 3.95 euros In addition to hair, you can use them for Strengthen your nails

This treatment is designed to last for 15 days Intensively.

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