Grids burn with “wireless” solar panels on the roof of the Ribera Ministry

The Third Vice President and Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa Ribera, posted a tweet on her account, Teresaribera, showing a photo with some solar panels on the roof of her ministry with the following text: “It took a long time. It is not always easy to change things in management, but today, finally, This is the view from my office window«.

Reactions on Twitter, over 700 so far, have been immediate and most are proud that these panels are not tilted, oriented, or have the necessary installation.

AntifaBetico says “The picture is very beautiful, but to work You have to deliver them. In this sense, alfonfrias asks: «And what are cables and routing? It reminds me of the Ceaușescu groups.”

Jotapei more direct: «Remember you have to tilt it At an angle of 30 degrees, so that it is not directed to the north, to place the reflector, to place enhancers for shades and, above all, to connect them to the network. Now if that’s when they work you put another propaganda tweet.”

“Same electricity as a brick”

Milkevol offers an alternative: “Because of the way I put it, I think it would have been better to buy Hamster and spin it In a hurry… ‘.

@DaniM03064266 says that “These plates are not attached to anything. Just lean on the floor. Breed Same electricity as bricks, but more expensive.

@Alex_lino7 is even harsher with the minister: “If you’re going to try to trick us in our faces because the boards are lying there without contact, without routing, without structure and without wires, we don’t go with nothing, Transform it a little more cute ».

There are also a few who praise this initiative, such as JoseDonosoAl (Director-General of UNICEF): «! lead by example! Coherence between discourse and application! «

NelsonEF takes it with honor. “That’s cool, the wireless solar panels are here, They go with “bluetooth”“«.

Aristogiton says that “this installation is not operational yet, they must have their correct orientation to be useful for something. Wires and racks are missing, but I downloaded and distributed these compensations On the floor (later you have to capture and save) the image. Pathetic”.

Others deplore the photo montage. Like DragonSpion: “At what it costs to get it off the ground, telita….. but since the person who takes the picture won’t mount it, because she is so happy to take a picture…..” And juanpri: “She has 4 years as a minister and most aspires to be his status. panels made in china Bought at Leroy Merlin. When we make it here and get lithium batteries extracted from the peninsula, he tells me. Despite the same, after my time in Isofoton, it is not the best».

Some opinions are more harsh. @atorvastatin4 says “From the mine window you can see one of the Queues in the soup kitchen. I am fortunate that I live in reality and can do something to help. not you”.

LAregente asserts, “If you pay me out of public money, I will wait for you. I have a balcony ” @ Oasiss55 points out ” in my country governed by PSOE does not allow me to place panels Solar. What do we do Terry? «.

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