Greta Thunberg now says shutting down nuclear power plants to use coal is a ‘mistake’

“If they’re really working, I think it’s a mistake to shut down nuclear power plants” at this time of the energy crisis. statement from Greta Thunberg In an interview broadcast Wednesday on German television, the country is likely to be hardest hit by the energy problems caused by the invasion of Ukraine. Thunberg’s comments coincide with the meeting of European energy ministers in Prague to try to reduce electricity prices, which was limited to verifying that there is no consensus so far between different governments on imposing a ceiling on the prices of imported gas, although the Commission intends to propose it next week for analysis by the leaders of member states. .

The Swedish teenager and planetary climate activist now says shutting down nuclear power plants is a “bad idea” if it means returning to coal as it is being done. When asked if the Nuclear Energy A weather favourite, Thunberg said, “It depends. If they were really working, I think it would be a mistake to shut them down and turn to coal. She herself recognized that the nuclear energy debate is ‘highly contagious’ and her words are expected to contribute to the ‘injury’ of this energy.” more in Europe.

Besides the Netherlands, it is precisely Germany that is now vehemently opposed to the idea of ​​an EU capping the price of imported gas. German Deputy Energy Minister Sven Giegold said in Prague that the idea of ​​a price cap was simply a “media discussion” and that “experts, everyone agree that there is a global market for LNG and if we also set the ceiling low, we risk not receiving any gas.”

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Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson He believes that the best way to reduce the prices of gas purchased by European electricity companies is to negotiate with “reliable suppliers” such as Algeria, Azerbaijan and, above all, the United States. “But we have to prepare ourselves if these negotiations are not fast enough and therefore we need a temporary mechanism to limit prices” assuming “inevitably” the risks involved in this mechanism.

Simpson in no way detailed how this temporary mechanism would work, which European Council members will have to analyze next week when the Commission presents its many plans. From what the Commissioner has explained, it can be concluded that the main point of agreement between countries is to implement a reduction in demand for gas by at least 15% to help reduce the price, even the resolution of an energy emergency makes this mandatory. trimming.

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