Greek top graves the party’s national party

The party was disqualified with 9 votes against and 1 vote in favor thanks to a law passed last February that prevents a party led by a person convicted of belonging to a criminal or terrorist organization from running in general elections. Such is the case of Kasidiaris, who has been serving a 13-year prison sentence since 2020 for belonging to a criminal gang. To disqualify him, the Greek Supreme Court declared that the “real” leader of the squad was Ilias Kasidiaris and that the game was a continuation of Golden Dawn.

According to recent polls on voting intention, the Greek Nationalist Party would have received 4% of the vote, which was enough to enter parliament. Upon hearing the news, the neo-Nazi formation called the action “unconstitutional”. In addition, the convicted Kasidiaris stated, via a post on his personal Twitter page, that “half a million Greeks have been denied the exercise of their right to vote for the party they want.”

In addition to the Greek National Party, the country’s top party banned a total of 14 parties for not complying with the legal requirements set by the electoral regulations. Among the excluded lists are groups led by two former members of the New Democracy party; Homeland, by Afrofiti Latinopoulou and “Union Prodromos National” by Konstantinos Mogdanos.

Extensive political debate

Next Wednesday, May 10, the leaders of the 10 most relevant formations are expected to meet in a 3-hour debate that will be broadcast by 6 TV channels. It should be noted that in the 21st elections, the 2016 Elections Law will be applied, which stipulates that the party that obtains a simple majority will form the government. If this is not possible, the second election, about forty days after the first election, will be held based on the 2020 Elections Law in which the list with the highest number of votes will receive a bonus from 20 to 50 seats, depending on the percentage. of votes obtained. In either case, parties must obtain at least 3% of the vote to be able to enter parliament.

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One of the greatest novelties is that, for the first time, some 23,000 Greeks living abroad will be able to participate in general elections. To this end, 99 polling stations were set up in 35 different countries, including Spain.

And the polls continue to indicate that no party will achieve the absolute majority necessary to form the government, which opens the door to difficult coalition negotiations between the parties or holding second elections next July.

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