Graffiti | David Bowie has issued a pardon

Three hours on the clock cost a strange maneuver, if not the only one of its kind moves A piece of graffiti wall How to find adventure begins in com move. From a farm to a museum. This is the journey that Jesus Arieh’s painting, dedicated to singer David Bowie, takes to save it from demolition.

All morning, urban art worked, previously framed by V.I Iron, wood, foam and plasticRemoved from property on Calle Beneficència. Carefully, he is deposited in a car with a winch, which navigates through the neighborhood streets to the Carmen Center.

Once there, he settled in the monastery. And there you will stay year. The time has come for the artist to find an alternative location.

Madonna’s Magic Wand

The work, which gained international significance when singer Madonna echoed it and commissioned a painting of Arrue, was in the same danger as any other on the wall: it would be lost. The farm fell under the pickaxe and only the facade remained And with it his loss.

After a few negotiations with countless bands, an agreement was reached to include it in the Centro del Carmen funds. But on a temporary basis because, as its director, José Luis Pérez Pont, affirmed, “This space is exclusively for temporary exhibitions. There is no permanent exhibition.” Moreover: “They carried out Urban art galleries with works on their own wallswhich later logically disappeared.”

“I feel like I’m in labor,” Ari confirmed, pleased with the setting. A brigade from the same construction company risked the work which, she realized, “I think is unique in history. Other drawings have been recovered from its walls, but this one, including the wall itself, I think is unique.. In Spain for sure and I would say that in the world as well. You are

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Technically, it was challenging, with a project that took a month to materialize. As an artist, I realize it’s a pride. I was never a prophet in my own land, and to be one now, perhaps with all that, is very important. For me and for art in general.


It wasn’t easy. First, to be exited from the building on Calle Beneficència without being damaged. As if it was a large coffin, it was deposited in the car. Her exhumation cost: some iron reinforcement and planks had to be seen. Which in turn left a large polyurethane foam cover and plastic. So there was no shortage of preparation, a certain “discovery” that dropped the black sack it was covering. Shot with applause.

“Immediately I really just feel the emotion. It was a tearful moment. Almost nothing. There was a lot of work behind it and the nice thing is that the result is there.” It is already emerging that a museum and space are interested in hosting it again.”

The graffiti was painted between May and June 2019, next to the author’s old studio. It was, in his words, “a tribute to the era of the ’80s, to the neighborhood and its cultural movements.” Ari could not then imagine that the magic of social networks would do everything else. He admits that this wand has done him a great favor.

“All this publicity has made me receive many commissions. I am overwhelmed. In the end, what I dedicate myself to is painting, even if it is interdisciplinary. I am a person for whom things happen.” Hopefully this will lead to more Valencian artists being consideredthat there are a lot of them and very good.

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He did not miss the citizens’ advisor, Fernando Jenner, who was one of the first to point out the need to save the painting from the ax, and for whom the artist himself did not hide his gratitude.

Perez Punt Describing the work as an “exercise of legality”. It is visible to everyone who enters the Gothic cloister. “It’s a place for contemporary art, bringing together Valencian history, modern art and contemporary creativity. Over the years we’ve managed to make one thing and another a conversation.”

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