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Culture Minister Miguel Aseta presented the Youth Cultural Scholarship last July.
Culture Minister Miguel Aseta presented the Youth Cultural Scholarship last July.Ana Escobar (EFE)

With the exception of the tax agency, which has systems such as income tax return draft confirmation from a mobile app, almost all administrative services require, at a minimum, registration with the Cl@ve system to access certain benefits. The process has different levels of security, 400 euros for 18-year-olds throughout 2022 to pay for cultural activities and products, a maximum level of security has been allocated, making access difficult. In areas far from departments that personally verify the identity of users. On Friday, the Bank of England published an amendment to facilitate access and in an urgent manner, without waiting for the planned two months to be in effect.

Initially attributed to cultural reward, the Cl@ve system, created in 2017 for high-level security services, required reliable identification of the interested party. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, in the decision published Friday, acknowledges that “this requirement implies that there are restrictions on the use of the unencrypted electronic signature system” and has excluded the group of users registered with Cl@ve with a base level.

For this reason, and to speed up processing, it has been allowed to ‘simplify’ the procedure, ‘allowing for other valid identification and signature systems’ in order to ‘ensure the highest participation of young people in the programme’. Recently, a new face-to-face application process has been built into post offices, without the need for a digital identity for youth.

The Ministry of Culture believes that what has been achieved from the cultural scholarship for young people can serve as a door for the rest of the departments to review the accessibility of their services, provided that the “reduction” in the terms is in line with the requirements of the national. Security blueprint, the regulation that defines the requirements for each service based on the data that is handled, the scope of management and the ability to prevent and defend against fraudulent attacks or uses.

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In this way, the adjustment created for the culture voucher is not automatically extended, but opens the door for reconsideration of the definition levels required for certain actions in other areas of the state, including regional or local administrations.

Currently, the Cl@ve system, with various levels of security, allows you to file your income tax return, check tax statements, access health information, check points on your driver’s license, download your work history or obtain a digital vaccination certificate Against Covid, among other services.

“Everything we are advancing in facilitating digital identification, which is the biggest stumbling block, is positive. Borja Adswara, attorney, university professor and expert in digital law, warns that proof of identity does not need to be required in all proceedings.

“I am not against the fact that, for some procedures, a distinction is made between when a high level of security is required and when it is not. In secret it happens like this. Not all electronic management procedures should have the highest level of security and should be kept,” he adds .

The lawyer laments that many procedures have become an “insurmountable obstacle course” when there are others. In this sense, she regrets that an element that would have been necessary, such as the electronic DNI, has little use. “We need three MScs to use it, and eventually, people identify themselves using gmail or through social networks and provide data to North American multinationals when we can do so with our ID.”

With the Cl@ve system, he comments, “something has been improved,” but highlights the facilities the Treasury provides to point you on the right track, as long as “very smart people who cheat” are avoided.

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