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The outcome of the Junts per Catalunya vote on the government’s future remains a mystery. Less on Twitter. In this social network, supporters of a secession from Esquerra Republicana are growing. EL PAÍS considered the interest that the tweets of 20 politicians from the formation have generated since Monday: 10 in favor of secession and 10 in favor of preserving the coalition.

The result was overwhelming. The tweets that received the most attention in terms of number were requested by this newspaper Likes. Of the 20 leaders, they wrote more than 300 original tweets Monday through Wednesday at noon. The first supporter of remaining in the government is about position 50. That is, there are dozens of messages before which have more support from leaders who oppose it.

While not all tweets are strictly about voting, the interest generated by messages of pro-rippers such as Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, Laura Borràs, Jami Matamala or Aliix Sarri is an order of magnitude greater than those who prefer to follow. The most prominent tweet from a supporter of preserving the coalition is from Minister Victoria Elsina: “I ask myself this question: Is letting the government bring us closer or further away from independence? Clearly the Equity and Reconciliation Commission does not comply with the agreement, but giving up being in the government puts the Catalan institutions In the hands of the PSC and closes the Catalan wallet for many years.” It got 313 likes.

The distance between both posts is so great that the response of suspended Speaker of Parliament Laura Porras to a user congratulating her on her birthday (460 likes) or the 17th tweet in a very long series (338 likes) from director from Junts MEP’s office, Alex Sarri, got more attention than Alsina’s tweet. , most valued by those who want to continue in Esquerra.

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The difference in the attention received also affects how these 20 accounts are put into the conversation on Twitter. Two interesting details can be seen in the graph that unlocks this information: the difference in size between communities in favor of secession – in blue – and staying in favor – in orange – and how the activity of the network itself has separated politicians in favor of one option or the other.

Catalonia’s 6,465 Juntes decided this week whether to stay in the general’s government amid a debate between some councilors who would prefer to stay in the government and other MPs and party officials defending a breach of the agreement that granted the Eschera. Republica Generale Presidency, May 2021.

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Twitter is an environmental thermometer, but it’s not a survey at all. In social networks, the silent majority, if any, does not appear. It is entirely possible that the secessionist hype will not translate into a majority vote later. Although enthusiasm and willingness to share a position is valuable in elections: if one party is more enthusiastic, its supporters ultimately have more options to vote and encourage others.

Interestingly, a tweet from Chancellor Joan Maria Pique, supportive of keeping the coalition, about Castellers It is the most widespread of the entire database. This anecdotal detail causes at least one supporter of “yes” in the first places when all retweets are added and Likes Monday through Wednesday by these 20 leaders, though the tweet doesn’t mention struggle. Although Boras was the one who wrote most of the tweets (many were thankful for his birthday), the leader who has been most popular is Sarri, the author of a long series. If we ignore Pique’s tweet about castlesthe only pro-following leader who had some support was Alsina.

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The difference is so clear that advocates of maintaining the alliance don’t even have anyone to retweet: they retweet each other. The accounts supporting secessionists the most since Monday are diverse users like @merce_noguera, @badalola58 or @s_valls, along with accounts with unusual names like @Tarsi46220811 or @JoseMar72168618. (Even if the names refer to a potential bot, you don’t have to: there are often real users who keep these kinds of license plate-like names that the network automatically provides.) On the other hand, those who prefer to continue with ERC basically get retweets of other leaders who think like them, and not of ordinary citizens: among them, from Piqué himself, the mayor of Sant Climent de Llobregat, Isidre Sierra; Spokesperson for Junts in Horta (Barcelona), Arnau Vives or MP Ramon Tremosa.

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