Google Uses Project Shield to Protect Ukrainian Websites

Google Uses Project Shield to Protect Ukrainian Websites

Google Uses Project Shield to Protect Ukrainian Websites from DDoS Attacks

Google Uses Project Shield to protect important websites of the Ukrainian government from cyber attacks in the midst of the ongoing conflict. Tensions between Ukraine and Russia, cyber attacks are launched on each other to kill important sites of both countries.

In the midst of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, in addition to attacks on the ground, cyber attacks were also launched. This is according to the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, via the messaging application Telegram.

One type of cyber attack in question is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This attack floods the website with a large number of requests aimed at bringing the website down.

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“Another mass DDoS attack in our state has begun,” said Fedorov, who is also Ukraine’s deputy prime minister.

This statement was also confirmed by a report from a non-governmental organization that focuses on internet freedom, Netblocks.

“Confirmed: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Services, and the website of the Cabinet of Ukraine have recently been affected by a network outage; the incident appears consistent with a recent DDOS attack,” Netblocks said recently.

In response to this, Google is also helping to protect Ukrainian internet users and local services they feel are vital.

“We continue to see DDoS efforts against various Ukrainian websites, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as services such as Liveuamap designed to help people find information,” said Kent Walker, President, Global Affairs at Google.

Project Shield
In this case, Walker said, it has expanded the feasibility for Project Shield which can provide protection from DDoS attacks.

“Ukrainian government websites, embassies around the world and other governments close to the conflict can stay online, protect themselves and continue to offer their essential services,” Walker said.

Project Shield allows Google to absorb bad traffic in a DDoS attack. It also acts like a shield for smaller websites, allowing websites to continue to operate and survive DDoS attacks.

Over 150 Webs in Ukraine Can Benefit from Project Shield
“More than 150 websites in Ukraine, including many news organizations, use this service and we have communicated its availability to representatives of the Ukrainian government,” Walker said.

In his statement, Walker also said that he is encouraging all eligible organizations to sign up for Project Shield, so Google can help them block DDoS attacks and keep websites from crashing.

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