Good balance at the box office for Spanish cinema in 2022

There was a time, not so long ago, when the films of Santiago Segura, who played the commissioner of Torrente, were ready to save Spanish cinema and, with their important collections, managed to balance the annual balance sheet. The tonic is still similar, but with important nuances. The second installment of one of its three popular franchises, Full reins ahead 2. Yes, it has happened to them again The other two are the saga dedicated to Torrente and that of Torrente Father there is only one-, premiered on December 2 and Within four weeks, it was watched by 740,000 viewers, with a collection of nearly four million euros. Another fully successful movie.

But it is not the most watched Spanish film this year. That honor also rests with Segura Father there is only one 3. Released in mid-July, it had over 2,700,000 viewers and a collection of €15,604,729. Segura ranked first and fourth among the most watched films of Spanish cinema in this year’s ranking. Without their numbers, it would have been tragic in other years. Light years, of course, are numbers the movies International this year, the second batch of symbol picturewhich has just reached 948 million euros worldwide (17 million in Spain since its premiere on December 16).

The year 2022 was excellent in terms of projects, filming, premieres and sets of Spanish productions. The numbers encourage optimism, although after this brilliant year full of international awards, next year’s harvest will be even more complex: 13 million viewers achieved and 80 million euros in collections, Twice as much as it was in 2021. The meager numbers for the two years affected by COVID-19 are certainly behind us, but we’re still nowhere near the numbers achieved in the pre-pandemic period with fewer films and, more importantly, with fewer interesting titles. Things are not going well, and although the market must be active, it is necessary that it be with quality products.

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So he took advantage of golden bear effect in Berlin, Alkarras, an average independent production, spoken in Catalan and without professional actors, managed to climb to seventh place with almost 400,000 viewers. Far, it is true, from the audience that roamed the rooms where the films of Segura and Tadeo Jones 3. The Emerald Tablethe second most successful film of the year, with more than two million viewers and a collection of 11,771,615 euros, clear evidence of the interest in some animated films for young people.

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The crooked lines of God -the surprise film of the year, because who could have expected that 907,000 viewers would see this almost anachronistic adaptation and novel by Torquato Luca di Tena? -, The fourth passengerAnd the like animals -Well also at the French box office-, Model 77And the I will have a good time s Father’s life Complete the podium for top 10 titles in 2022. It is also important that the figures have been kept regularly in recent weeks, in defiance of the unwritten law that attendances at cinemas decrease when there is a World Cup football tournament – this year, before Christmas.

The important thing is that in addition to commercial productions that are supposed to do well in theaters, this year has added more auteur films like those of Rodrigo Soroguen and Carla Simon and genre films to the overall success –GrandmaAnd the malnazidosAnd the 13 ExorcismAnd the Venus– And the films released in the fall of last year remained active if good stylewhich collected between October 15, 2021 and January 2, 2022 just over three million euros, is the fourth most successful Spanish film, and from January 7 to July 10, 2022 it had nearly one million euros, remaining in the twentieth place of the most watched films .

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