Golden Globe Awards 2023 | Controversies and stories at the Golden Globes 2023: “I am here because I am black.”

The Golden Globes is a major event in the world of cinema and this year, one of the most anticipated, has come a long way. After a recent release that wasn’t due to industry disapproval, 2023 was presented as the perfect time for that Start turning the page on accusations Corruption, influence peddling and racism.

significant absences

The ceremony was held on Tuesday at the luxurious Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills (California). brightest star HollywoodAnd who dazzled their looks on the red carpet. However, not only the numbers present were in the news, but also the significant absences. and that is , Not everyone is willing to tolerate the scandals surrounding the Golden Globe Awards so quickly.Or, at least, this is the conclusion many have come to after discovering that some of the finalists who won the award did not attend the ceremony. are cases Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Cate Blanchett, and Kevin CostnerThose who received awards in various categories did not attend and preferred to limit themselves to their thanks through social networks. But there were also other notable losses among the candidates, such as Taylor Swift, Julia Roberts or Lady Gaga.

“I am here because I am black & rdquor;

Among those who starred at the Golden Globes, before the Oscars, a few events occurred that caused the audience to whisper. One of them was the host’s comment Jerrod Carmichael, who delivered an initial monologue centered precisely on the criticism the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had received, that among its 87 members, not one was black. The African-American comedian asserted, with humor, that he knew he had been chosen to demonstrate the lack of discrimination within the association: “I’m here because I’m black.

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Memory of Will Smith’s slap

also Eddie Murphy It became part of the most commented moment of the Golden Globes. Dr. DoolittleAnd Professor Josie s Boomerang He has received and done the award throughout his career He remembers his colleague will Smith And the slap he planted on Chris Rock at the last Oscars.

The actor also hinted at his co-star a little later. There is a real plan you can follow to achieve success. Prosperity, longevity and peace of mind, “he said to a cheerful audience.” There are three things: paying taxes, minding your own business, and keeping Will Smith’s wife’s name out of your fucking mouth. “

Angela Bassett’s cellphone and Jennifer Coolidge’s slip

Film actress and director Angela Bassett She was selected as Best Supporting Actress for her role as Queen Raomnda Black Panther: Wakanda Forever And when he got on stage he caused me Funny anecdote It did not go unnoticed at the Beverly Hills Hilton. The translator He went out to take the prize with his mobile phone in his hand! He apologized as best he could. “They are sending me whatsapps ” she said nervously as she fiddled with the phone.

Suffered the same nerves also granted Jennifer Coolidge Presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor on Television. James Williams said before presenting the award And the Oscar is for … ”. A little gag, who knows, can be an involuntary prediction that will bring him good luck.

Carmichael Stokes, Tom Cruise and Scientology

The host of the ceremony was also involved in another controversy with a personal joke on the actor Tom Cruise. Cruz’s disagreement with organizing the Golden Globes goes back to two years agoupon following accusations of a lack of diversity and unethical practices within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, star of Top Gun and Mission Impossible He returns the three statues in protest Which he won now that the awards are seeking redemption and Hollywood boycotts seem to be a thing of the past, Carmichael took the opportunity to throw darts at Cruz for the gesture.

The comedian took the stage with three awards under his arm. “Behind the scenes, I found the three Golden Globes that Tom Cruise brought home”Carmichael started. “I think we can take them and replace them with the return of Shelly Miscavige,” he added to the surprise and cheers of the crowd.

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Shelley Miscavige is the wife of David Miscavige, leader Church of Scientology, a movement that is described as a sect in some countries such as France or Germany, but is also considered a religion in others such as the United States, Italy or Spain, to which Cruz belongs. In 2007, the woman disappeared, and despite the fact that the Scientology organization stated in 2018 that she was in good health and living her life out of the limelight, her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Colin Farrell praises Ana de Armas

Once she received the award from the actress for her performance in Banshees in InisherinAnd before the thank-you speech begins, Colin Farrell He looked back and decided to pay tribute to De Armas’ work on Andrew Dominik’s film. “I thought you were extraordinarysaid the Irish actor. “I cried to sleep the night I saw you blond“.” It had to do with the music that was playing the moment the show started and only seeing her ankles on the edge of the bed. I was devastated,” the actor continued at full speed. The room exploded in laughter as de Armas smiled nervously, due to the unexpected situation.It’s not a joke, but you can laugh. It is not for me to say when it is appropriate to laugh in this world.”

Jennifer Coolidge Prize on Earth

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Another curious moment was when those present heard the speech of thanks Jennifer Coolidge for her award for Best Supporting Actress for white lotus. The first thing the actress did was leave the award on the floor. “It means a lot. I can leave it, right?” Since I don’t go to the gym,” he said, later going on to joke about his movie roles, the titles that accrued sequel after sequel.

“I want you all to know I have big dreams and then life surprises you. Now things smile at me and even the neighbors talk to me! Now everyone invites me,” he confessed as the crowd laughed.

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