Goji Berries | Superfoods that slow aging and fight vision loss

there superfood With which you can say goodbye to anti-aging creams. The Goji berries It is the perfect fruit to fight the signs of aging. It is a true concentrate of vitamins and nutrients and contains many amino acids, trace elements, minerals and phytosterols.

Their strong concentration of antioxidants makes them a A natural product that is beneficial on different levels. Goji berries will provide multiple benefits to your body:

  • Strengthening the immune system: A carbohydrate called polysaccharide, which is abundant in Goji berries, strengthens the body’s defenses against viral and bacterial attacks.

  • Organism purification: Thanks to the antioxidants present in Goji Berry, toxins in vital organs are eliminated more easily.

  • Help fight fatigue Thanks to the nutrients and minerals.

  • Protect the cardiovascular system: By reducing the production of bad cholesterol, phytosterols protect the arteries of the heart.

In addition, it is known to be a very useful food supplement within a diet thanks to it Low calories And to help fight Blindness and memory consolidation. They are the food that provides A huge amount of energy for our body That is why it is recommended to consume it in the morning, and whenever possible. You consume it fresh.

How do you consume goji berries?

  • Dried goji berries: is the most common method. And it is also he who allows to preserve its properties to the maximum, without additives. On the other hand, the advantage of dried goji berries is their long-term preservation.

  • In the juice: If we did it with fresh fruit, we would make it retain its properties, but in this case most of the goji berry juices on the market include other ingredients such as water or sugar, so it would not be the most recommended option.

  • in the diversionPut a tablespoon of berries in a liter of boiling water.

It is a very healthy food, and as you have been able to verify, it is loaded with many health-beneficial properties, but its consumption is abundant. Not recommended for pregnant women Because the fruit is a stimulant to the uterus and can lead to premature birth and not to People allergic to pollen Or foods from the nightshade family.

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