Glovo enters the fashion sector with home delivery of clothes within 30 minutes

In its commitment to product diversification, balloon Today it announced its entry into the world of fashion with the creation of Glovo Fashion, which will follow the same process as food delivery from restaurants, supermarkets, electronics stores or pharmacies, but with clothes.

The initiative is currently limited to cities Barcelona and Madridand is counting at the time of its launch, with 40 brands that will be showcasing their products through the application. Valentina Garí, Aristocrazy, Apodemia, Tipi Tent, Singularu, SILBON, Etam, Pompeii Brand, Apodemia, Naïve, Ramsos, Sohhan, Fernando de Cárcer, MUJI, Lonbali, Sophie & Lucie, Mr Boho or White & One, among others.

The Barcelona-based company promises to deliver an average of 30 minutes clothing or accessories selected by the user through the application.

Pafra Borja Olazabal, Director of Glovo’s Q-commerce in Spain, with “the launch of Glovo Fashion, we want to become the perfect ally so that fashion brands can reach their customers in a flexible, convenient and easy way”.

“Now the user does not need to access a different”E-Commerce’ Because in one app you really find everything you need for your day to day. We are witnessing one of the region’s great digital revolutions in retail: new channels, greater personalization and delivery times that adapt to users’ needs,” he adds.

Glovo explains that since 2019, the platform has focused its efforts on promoting “the third generation of e-commerce in Spain: express commerce”. In fact, they indicated that the section “Shops and gifts“From the application is now available in more than 100 cities in the region and includes more than 10 product categories, among them: electronics, flower shops, toy stores, cosmetics and now fashion.

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In addition, they remember, “My users applications In this section they have more than 260,000 product references from 400 companies from different sectors, highlighting MediaMarkt, FNAC, Primor, Druni, Create, Kiwoko or Folder Papelería ”.

Glovo was acquired by the multinational company Delivery Champion At the end of 2021, and its presentation in 2022 AD A negative result of 304 million. The multinational company, which has a presence in 1,300 cities in 25 countries around the world, confirmed in March the departure of 140 workers from its headquarters, after the initial intention to lay off 250 employees.

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