Gimmick Wine Contest | This is how a 2 euro wine won an international award: “It tastes delicate, juicy and rich”

he liquor world governed, to a large extent, for prestige. Denominations of origin, wineries, awards, and other elements give additional status to certain wines. A reputational issue that works both ways: If international awards give the seal of quality to certain wines, then The selection of awardees also gives rise to the authority of the awards themselves.

This is what he experienced in his own body Gilbert & Gaillard International Wine Competition. The contest witnessed how its prestige was significantly questioned after the delivery The gold medal for a wine from Delhaize, a Belgian supermarket, for only 2.5 euros. All this is the result of a witty joke staged by the Belgian TV show “On n’est pas des pigeons”.

joke with a lot bouquet

The judges of the psychology competition were victims of a joke created by the RTBF program and Eric Bushmanchoose the best The bartender Belgium in 1988, who agreed to participate in the report of Showing how international wine competitions have lost professionalism.

king Wine tasting contest mechanics made deception possible: Interested participants must pay a registration fee of €50, send samples for tastings and provide laboratory data on the wine in question. This last point is the easiest to manipulate since The contest does not perform its own lab analysis and does not verify data Introduction of wine producers.

And that’s exactly what Boschman and the makers of the program did: They chose a lower quality supermarket wine and changed the label, creating more remarkable; In addition to He invents a story for the sake of wineindicating that it was made from grape varieties native to the Cotes de Sambre and the Meuse (Wallonia).

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“Thin, juicy and rich palate”

The good presentation of the wine and Boschman’s commendable comments did the rest. The contest jury took the bait and, after a blind tasting, didn’t hesitate Handing over the gold medal for spilled winewhich they said was “a very interesting wine, with a bright garnet red. A shy nose that combines stone fruit, currant, and discreet oak. A soft, juicy, rich palate with a clean, youthful aroma that promises subtle sophistication. Sophistication about fine spiciness.”

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After announcing the result, the organizers also informed the winners of the possibility Purchase 1,000 gold labels to display on your wine labels Just 60 euros.

The joke, besides entertaining the audience, also served to highlight a negative trend within small worldwhere many of these supposed awards and certifications are actually more of a marketing campaign than an actual professional wine classification.

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