Gifts for Mother’s Day | Write these 10 books about motherhood to celebrate it

relationships between mothers and children, the Obstetricsis one of the classic themes of the program literature Which is more modern than ever at the beginning of each May month, as the celebration of Mother’s Day approaches.

The following Ten proposals for Novels that speaks of mothers and children:

“Summer had my mom’s green eyes.”

Dr..And Tatyana Tibuliak (impediment). “On that morning when I hated her most, my mother turned thirty-nine. She was short and fat, stupid and ugly. (…). I would have killed her with half thought.” Despite such a rough beginning, this story is full of poetry. A novel about death, redemption, motherhood and reconciliation.

fierce attachments

Written by Vivian Guernick (Sixth floor). A memoirist from North America, this author is one of the women’s movement’s most celebrated voices. Gornik, a grown woman, walks with her elderly mother through the streets of Manhattan, and through those walks filled with blame, memories, and complicity, tells the story of her daughter’s struggle to find her own life. place in the world. .

You are not like other mothers

Posted by Angelica Schrobsdorf (Peripheral and Errata Naturae). The author reconstructs the real, nonconformist life of her mother, a woman born into a Jewish bourgeois family in Berlin, who was freed from the prejudices of her time and was eager to marry an artist. She would have three children by three different fathers, faithful to the two promises she made as a young woman: to live life to the fullest and to have a child with every man she loved.

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“the rocks”

Written by Eva Balthazar (House of Random Literature). It is played by a lonely woman who makes a living as a cook on an old merchant ship in the middle of the ocean until she decides to leave the sea to live with another woman, Samsa, in Reykjavík, where she will end up participating in the pregnancy with the help of a young girl. A story in which the author explores the boundaries between sex and love, motherhood and freedom, animal and human.

The heart that laughs, the heart that cries

by Maryse Conde (Impedimenta). Halfway between tears and smiles, this novel is the poignant memory of the childhood of the Antillean author, alternative winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2018.

‘My mom’

By Yasushi Inoue (Sixth floor). The story of the last years of this Japanese writer’s mother whose elder made her forget her life. Her son meticulously collected her deterioration in some emotional pages in which he shows his love for her and human fragility.

open heart

Elvira Lindo (Six paral). This novel tells the love story of the author’s parents, an emotional and stormy relationship and tells how his excessive personality and her weak heart influenced the pulse of the life of the whole family, in honor of the generation of war children.


By Alejandro Palomas (Siruela). A 65-year-old mother managed to fulfill her dream of getting the whole family together for dinner on New Year’s Eve, a night full of secrets and lies, lots of laughter and confessions. She knows it’s time to act and she’s not willing to let anything take her away from her mission.

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Mayra Montero (Tuskets). One day on the beach in Biarritz from 1926, Magdalena Laparra takes her two children and enters the sea with the intention of drowning. Her young son dies but the 7-year-old girl manages to escape. Many years later, the survivor returns to the place to find answers for what her mother did.

North girls

by Sarah Hall (Publishing Alliance). Considered one of the UK’s best young adult novels, this dystopian novel is set in little-known England, a country almost awash with government-controlled resources, and wars in different parts of the world. In the strenuous and risky industrial work scenario, the authority insists that all women carry contraceptives.

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