Getting to Primavera Sound on festival transport: a long drive

he Publishing logistics launched by Primavera Sound To get tens of thousands of people (in theory at least) to a pool Rock City of Arganda del ReyAbout 40 km from the center of the capital, it is undergoing its first strength test today, after the suspension of the opening day, yesterday, Thursday, due to the rains in recent days. made this newspaper bus route Launched by the organization that starts from the stadium Metropolitan Civitas To the place where the concerts are held.

The first challenge is the stadium itself, located on the eastern outskirts of the city. Aga And alignmentTwo Polish and German women in their 20s, respectively, studying in Madrid and living in the central area of ​​Delicias, say it took them an hour on the subway to get there. Once in a huge place surrounded by infinite parking, the situation is as follows: if we consider the stadium as the clock face and you arrive by motorbike, taxi or metro (arriving by car is more complicated), you will have to park or be deposited at 6 o’clock on the clock face, buses are located at 12 o’clock. Get ready to walk, because you have to walk around this mastodon, that is presumably more than a kilometer. A little less than half a distance away, about eight or nine o’clock in the morning, are the tents where the entrance is visible and they put the bracelet on you. The queues at 5pm weren’t very long and Everything works smoothlyBut the panorama was what you’d imagine: some giant white tents set up in the middle of an asphalt parking lot where the sun was just beginning to set today with some pleasant breaks of clouds.

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The area where the shuttles are located, a ten-minute walk uphill later, is where the organization stayed Community of Madrid scenariowhich they performed on Wednesday Boys pet shop and other artists as part of the free preparatory day. Today that stage behind the stadium, where in theory these days there should be concerts to liven up the wait, remained closed and there was no sign of food truck And other planned attractions. Reason: They’re performing tonight at the Civitas Metropolitano Guns not flowerswith plaintiffs They opened their mouths, and what could be heard hundreds of meters around was the rock sound of what was unknown if they were starting their already begun opening acts to set the scene for the day or some kind of pre-recorded music. Thousands of black T-shirts and denim jackets with rose and fire insignia swept through the suburbs, outnumbered by festival-goers dressed in lighter, more colorful clothing. The contrast in audiences was clear: rock was mature and straight, Primavera was young and diverse.

the Shuttles ran like clockwork, leaving one about every five minutes from places configured as if they were docks with about 30 or 40 buses arranged in the parking lot waiting their turn. The impression is that there was clearly an overload. Another thing was the trip through the Madrid highways. Although revived by the different dialects heard (the percentage of foreign nationals on the bus should have been around 70-30%) and by the youthful festival spirit that makes some ask the driver for music and others comment on the detailed biography of skrillex, the thing has become very long. Maybe someone should have thought about it. Regular traffic jams on the A-3 when leaving work. Fortunately, this was not the day of an exodus to the beaches of Valencia. Agha and Allen summed up the trip:An hour to get to the stadium and another hour to get to the festival. We didn’t know it would take so long.”

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other transportation servicethat originates from the city Argandawhich is closer to the place, also works in a very organized way Castilian Angels. The signs indicating the destination only appeared on the front of the bus (from the intercity green areas of the Transport Union) but people knew where they were going, and early in the morning they would leave the metro with a certain flow and proceed orderly towards the bus, as the afternoon progressed, lists of Too much waiting to happen. On the bus, it was the driver himself who commanded: “You have to get off, no one can get up, but don’t worry, the next one will come right away.” There were even neighbors who were encouraged to act as unofficial taxi drivers.

once in rock city, The magazine case appeared to be in good condition. Except for a few isolated puddles, there was no trace of mud completely covered by the artificial turf. Another thing is the visual impression, which was more reminiscent of a Mad Cool From Primavera’s Voice forum Albarceloni. But that’s another, trademark debate the festival will have to grapple with if it decides to reinvent crime in the capital. The music, which is the important thing, greeted the newcomers with soft strings Japanese breakfastThe faces of the audience and the organizers appeared calm after tensions had built up in recent days.

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