Get ready to tame the road with the new fast and furious arcade machine

If you are among the fans of the franchise”fast and angryGet ready to get your hands on the wheel of the new arcade machine. Arcade1Up announced a licensed arcade game that includes the titles ‘The Fast and the Furious‘ And ‘Fast and Furious: Tokyo Driftwhich can connect up to three devices in local mode, something that will allow a maximum of four people to compete in multiplayer mode.

Old style piece of furniture

This retro arcade cabinet features a vibrating steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals, plus a four-speed gear stick and six additional buttons for navigation. As on other similar models from the manufacturer, it offers a design capable of replicating the original arcade version with a 17-inch BOE screen, illuminated canopy, and simulated plastic wallet.

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Although it was not revealed if the connection will be via a network cable or Wi-Fi, the device will also be able to go online to download the world time arrangement of all its tracks. However, it should be noted that there is no way to compete with other network players, only locally.

Reserve space in the room

This isn’t the first kiosk built by Arcade1Up based on racing video games, as the company has previously been responsible for producing licensed arcades for popular titles like “Out Run” and “Ridge Racer”, but in the case of “The Fast & Furious”, it will include Two games for its owner to decide where to fly on the asphalt: on the streets of North America or in Japanese territory. Pre-sale is open now and it can be purchased for about $600 excluding import and shipping fees, since its arrival on European soil is very complicated. Plus, there’s practically no time left, since its marketing is tied to the premiere of “Fast and Furious 10,” the latest movie in the franchise, also starring Vin Diesel with Jason Momoa, which hits theaters next month on September 19. May 2023.

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Experience the thrill of Street Racing with Fast & The Furious Arcade!

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