Germany calls for a reform of the International Criminal Court to try Putin more harshly

Before the UN Security Council in New York, the German foreign minister recounted the case of Artem, the 15-year-old Ukrainian boy who had been kidnapped by Russian soldiers. “Mom, come and find me,” he read the letter, which he managed to write through social networks. “It is one of the few stories of Ukrainian minors being taken to Russia that ended well, and his parents managed to find him,” he said. Annalena Berbuk, who, 500 days after the start of the Russian invasion, called for “not to assume that crimes are being committed in Ukraine as usual,” although “Putin himself talks about them in Russia normally, he calls them evacuations.”

Specifically, during a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Rome Statute, the legal basis for the International Criminal Court, Berbock proposes a reform that would allow for better prosecution of Russia’s aggressive war. He demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin be held accountable for the “primary crime” of a war of aggression “in which he does not stop even at the weakest of people, children, but instead includes them in his strategy of extermination with such brutality.” . “We have a responsibility to unite efforts and find ways to bridge the gap of responsibility for the original crime (…)”, he demanded from the act of remorse, “My country, Germany, waged inhuman wars of aggression and committed the most heinous genocide causing millions of deaths, so it rests on us A special responsibility to do our part to ensure that such crimes do not happen again.”

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“So far, the criminal type of the crime of aggression has not been registered by the International Criminal Court,” supports the CDU foreign affairs expert, Roderich Kiszewetter from the German opposition, “so we consider it positive that Minister Bierbock is prosecuting Russia for crimes of aggression against Ukraine. “. The head of the Green Party’s foreign affairs committee in the Bundestag, Jürgen Trittin, also told the NDA that “one cannot avoid being accused of crimes. Crimes of aggression against states, such as the one we are currently experiencing through Russia in Ukraine, if that country does not sign the Additional Protocol.” The consensus in this regard in the German parliamentary arc is completed by the support of the Liberal Party (FDP) responsible for defense affairs, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, who She also agrees with Burbock: Justice for Victims that criminals do not get away with it.” Only the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party remained on the sidelines.

Burbock calls for an international effort to return kidnapped children to their parents. Despite all the differences, the conviction must be unquestioned: Deported children belong to their parentsHe called for recognition that “the horror experienced by the deported Ukrainian children is the tip of the iceberg of the untold suffering that the war in Russia has inflicted on many children around the world.” “Since I found out about these kidnappings, I can only imagine how I would feel if those children were my two little girls,” Berbock took it down to the ground, making sure his colleagues in Africa, Asia and Latin America feel the same, though not all agree. An individual in the group on his position on Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. He concluded his argument, “Humanity is what unites us, if the attacker does not stop even before the children, the tragedy becomes a terrible savagery.”

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