German Chancellor Schultz is losing in opinion polls

Rosalia Sanchez

Exactly when it was preparing to celebrate its 160th anniversary, in 1863 in Leipzig, German Social Democratic Party (The Social Democratic Party) is falling in opinion polls to 18%, which is the lowest level in the history of a party headed by the Chancellor of Germany and far from the 25.7% it obtained in the elections. It seems that the hesitation in the initial stage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the erratic management of the change of energy and the improved media performance of Olaf Schultz, were behind this noticeable wear, from which only a newcomer to the position of Minister of Defense was. Saved by Boris Pistorius.

According to Allensbach’s latest poll for the Frankfurter Allgemeine, the conservative CDU/CSU will get 32% of the vote today, up from 24.1% in the polls and with a 14-point lead over the SPD. As for the rest of the parties, greens and right-wing populists in alternative to Germany (AfD) remains at 16% and 15% respectively, while Die Linke’s far-right would not even reach the Bundestag if elections were held today.

“People register how difficult it is for traffic lights to reach consensus on every issue that concerns government and they clearly don’t appreciate it,” explains the election researcher. Stephen Mears, “Germans do not like the government to concern itself primarily with itself and for the coalition parties to argue among themselves”, a shortcoming seen as a lack of leadership. “Serious problems with immigration and refugees are becoming more virulent,” he notes as a reason, especially in the East, “raising the possibility that the AfD will be the strongest party.”

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The Germans described Chancellor Schultz as “extremely cautious”. Most of them look at Schulz with reservations, and hardly a third are satisfied with his work. To a large portion of the electorate, he is “too indecisive,” “too reserved,” and “too little driven.” Schulz’ approval is much less than Angela Merkel; Even when Merkel got her miserable grades, her values ​​were much better.”

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