Georgina Rodriguez, on the beginning of her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo: “I should have left three hours ago”

anthill Gives every week a portion of the arriving guests In the same week they will attend the group of the program Pablo Motos on Antenna 3. On this occasion we talk about the characters who come to talk about their careers and make themselves more known in the program, apart from having fun and having a good time in the program.

Well-known influencer W woman Cristiano RonaldoAnd Georgina Rodriguez, with more than 47 million followers, visited “El Hormiguero” for the first time, where she spoke about her “reality” show “Soy Georgina”, which premieres on Friday, March 24, on Netflix.

love story

The businesswoman also wanted to show her personal side by telling what it was like to admire Cristiano Ronaldo while working for the company. Gucci fashion. On the other hand, Georgina Rodriguez shared what her new life is like in the Arabian Peninsula, a country she does not hesitate to describe as “So cool, so generous and so familiar“.

“I was embarrassed to look at her.”

People know you from A A very specific moment. you’re working on Gucci store And Cristiano Ronaldo walks through the door,” Mutus told her. Did you feel a crush at first sight? Mutus asks Georgina.

the influencers I confess “Cristiano is a very handsome man,” he said, “when I saw him he was very handsome I was ashamed to look at his face.”influencer.

There were several coincidences

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The influencer tells that she covered one’s transformation buddies, since a regular customer was coming and he couldn’t be in the store at that time. Georgina He extended his shift another three hours To cover his partner and serve the lady. “When I walked out the door, he was about to come in.” “Tell me Good evening and gone Good evening”.

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“The first time that We talked we met at a fashion event“,” I’m so embarrassed, it was he who threw the stick at me. from this meetingAnd there were many other places The current spouses can get to know each other And talk increasingly.

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