Geoengineering, the controversial plan to manipulate God with the weather

Are we prepared for severe and increasingly frequent weather conditions? The current answer is clearly no, but there are voices debating a Plan B called geoengineering to mitigate the effects of climate change. Others talk about climate manipulation as a thermostat controlled by man or countries at his will. These ideas are not recent. The US military has already acknowledged conducting weather warfare tests in Vietnam by increasing monsoon activity over the territory of Vietnam. “What worries me is not making it rain per se, but when you open Pandora’s box, what comes out?” said Democratic Senator Clairborne Pell upon hearing it. (Interactive Map of Geoengineering) According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, geoengineering is the large-scale manipulation of the planet’s environment using techniques designed to combat global warming. Although in recent years it has also been used on a small scale. Besides climate change, another meaning is the artificial modification of the weather to cause rain or snow in long periods of drought or to prevent rainfall in certain events, as happened during the Beijing Olympics. From Bill Gates to Niklas Zenstrom, founder of Skype, they’ve chosen it. Companies such as Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell or Chevron have obtained patents for various geoengineering technologies. For the most important, it is the perfect correction or the perfect excuse for oil companies to continue investing in fossil fuels, believing that this solution can free them from limiting their activity. Geoengineering is neither science fiction nor a far-fetched idea: in Catalonia, La Rioja or Castilla-La Mancha, silver iodide has been used against hail for 20 years. We can currently find examples of geoengineering in Aragon or Gran Canaria. Related news China’s fishing spark is sweeping the seas and Russia wants to follow suit Alexia Columba Jerez Taking advantage of gray-zone legislation, Beijing is supporting ships feeding on large populations of fish across the planet. Moscow has already noted among the existing technologies, the most common is the injection of sulfates or other chemical products into the stratosphere to block sunlight with the aim of reducing radiation reaching the Earth. The massive eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 did just that naturally, releasing tons of sulfur dioxide into the sky lowering global temperatures by 0.5°C over the next two years. Other proposals include bleaching marine clouds so that they reflect more sunlight into space, a recommendation that already appeared in documents addressed to Lyndon Johnson in 1965; capturing carbon dioxide for later burial in oil wells; They have large plantations of trees genetically modified so that they consume carbon or reflect more sunlight; Fertilize the oceans to stimulate the growth of plankton so they can absorb more carbon dioxide. One of the techniques most widely spread through projects carried out by the Chinese is “cloud seeding”, using military aircraft and using silver iodide to cause artificial rain or snow. In fact, Daniel Rosenfeld, Professor of Earth Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, went so far as to say that “by sowing the clouds, the price of the water generated does not reach 3.4 euro cents per cubic meter. It is ten times cheaper than desalination.” The problem is that such These initiatives could lead to a ‘climate war’ between countries, with winners and losers, depending on whether or not they have this technology. This is what Luis Enrique Martín Otero, veterinary colonel and collaborator at UCM’s Veterinary Health Monitoring Center, calls the silent threat. “Because there is a dual use of manipulating the weather, to produce rain in the event of a drought, but also to attack another country as a deterrent,” says Juan Esteban Palenzuela, Aemet’s regional delegate for the Murcia region, details to ABC “that even if only one country has developed geoengineering It could affect neighboring countries due to ocean currents or winds.” According to climate scientist Alan Roebuck, this would threaten two billion people. In addition, a report from National Taiwan University stated that weather manipulation could lead to accusations of “rain theft” from during the The capture of water vapor from the atmosphere, as was the case between China and India. Hence, the European Union has talked about creating a digital twin of Earth or companies like Nvidia have suggested building the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputer to monitor the potential impacts of geoengineering through computer models, without having to play the role of God in the real world. Buying time Meanwhile, some researchers see climate manipulation as a way to buy time to publicize long-term plans that seek to mitigate the effects of climate change. The Bill Gates Climate Change Venture Capital Fund supports start-ups directed in the field. Under the name SCoPEX, one of the projects the millionaire endorsed at Harvard University was solar geoengineering, although it was put on hold due to the concerns of various Indigenous communities. It consisted of launching balloons into the Swedish stratosphere, spraying them with various particles and analyzing their effectiveness in reducing radiation reaching the Earth. Despite the reservation, Ken Caldera, a member of the Department of Global Environment at the Carnegie Institution for Science, told ABC that “if people decide the effects of global warming are intolerable, then solar geoengineering will be the only timely way to mitigate it.” Energy system transformations take Several decades. It is critical to develop reliable information now so that if this scenario emerges, you act wisely.” A more recent proposal has been made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to use “space bubbles” that reflect sunlight away from Earth to cool it down. This would avoid injecting potentially harmful particles into the atmosphere, as would happen in space. And if they have an unintended effect, these bubbles can quickly burst. The truth is, the business world has put its attention to timekeeping. Companies like BHP or Occidental Petroleum have invested $70 million in Carbon Engineering, which is focused on carbon dioxide capture. There are even companies like French Oliver’s Travel that offer on-demand change of clouds to get clear skies for wedding festivities for $200,000. The pending issue is specific legislation that prohibits it only if it is not for peaceful purposes. In this sense, climate control projects arose in the military field, at a time when the use of climate as a weapon was believed. Now, Otero says, “climate change may be the new threat of mass destruction for the 21st century.” In his IEEE report, he noted that “climate manipulation can be used to destabilize economies, ecosystems, and agriculture. It can also cause chaos in financial markets. Environmental warfare may seem new, but it has been researched for years. Otero notes that In the United Kingdom, the RAF conducted tests with rain in 1952. The Air University in the United States prepared the “Air Force 2025” study, which says that this year US forces can “own time” using new technologies. Otero explains in detail that The Haarp technology program located in Alaska can work by emitting powerful radio waves, capable of causing modifications in the ionosphere to change weather patterns.It is funded by the US Air Force and the University of Alaska to simulate and control ionospheric operations.Its use in the war has been mentioned by Russian politicians in front of the State Duma. The Russian counterpart is the draft surah. It is located 100 km east of Novgorod. Indeed, after the Chernobyl accident, to prevent radiation from reaching Moscow, several planes artificially caused precipitation. And The European equivalent is Eiscat, in the archipelago of Svalbard (Norway). And in China, on July 1, 2021, the Communist Party of China is 100 years old and has clear skies and better air quality, clouds are ranked, according to researchers at Tsinghua University. Also with reduced snowfall on the Tibetan Plateau, which is an important source of water in Asia, the government began deploying silver iodide furnaces for sowing clouds over the area. The plan has been dubbed “the largest weather modification project ever undertaken”, the Tianhe River, or Sky River. It plans to expand its program of artificial snow and rain to cover 60% of its land by 2025. John C. Moore, a scientist at Beijing Normal University, explained to the media that 50,000 Chinese municipalities are sowing clouds to prevent damage to their crops. All this feeds the fears of neighboring countries. Rivalries are also emerging in the Middle East, the UAE has invested millions to squeeze the last drop of clouds with silver iodide and nanotechnology, for the ruling family, the water supply is just as important as the oil or gas reserves. The controversy The issue of silver iodide, as a geoengineering method to prevent hail, is something that has raised some concern about droughts, which is why Jesus Cozabe, chief scientist at CSIC’s Spanish Geological Mining Institute, analyzed the presence of silver iodide in the vicinity of Lake Gallocanta. In Aragon, where it has been used since the 1970s to combat hail, “we have not recorded high values ​​in the soil, except in the vicinity of silver iodide generators. And in the grain or in the sheep in the region, we note that they are able to absorb the silver present in the environment, that is, they absorb it. We continue to study to see if silver reduces precipitation. In regions such as Aragon, the SPAG Group stands out in fighting hail. Alberto Gerada, COO of the company, notes that “the largest company in the world manufactures this type of system by market and billing scale. Due to widespread ignorance, Ghirada points out that they confuse their system with silver iodide, which has a chemical effect, while their system is purely physical. “We use a shock wave every seven seconds that expands from the surface into the atmosphere and rubs off the falling hail. The end result is that the water falls, and if the hail is originally more intense the frost falls, but in a condition that does not harm the crop. We reduce the effects of the hail, and reduce the damage by 100 % to 35%.” READ MORE Technological deficits brewing in Putin’s army and rocking his economy Sabotage shadows over Europe’s submarine cables Artificial intelligence: The seizure of nuclear weapons, Putin’s briefcase and the ‘hand of the dead’ Another geo-engineering project taking place in Gran Canaria, Researchers involved in the OceanNETS Project have been investigating improved weathering, which may involve dissolving pulverized minerals in the sea so that they react and fix carbon dioxide in the oceans. What is clear is that Pandora’s box is open and the million dollar question at the end of the day will be, but who controls ?

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