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although Sun flower oil It is one of the most common ingredients in our kitchen, and the truth is that it is not the biggest ally of a diet in which you want to control calories. In addition, with the armed conflict taking place in Ukraine, its availability has decreased, since the Slavic country is the main European supplier, as it grows a large number of sunflowers. With limited access, especially at the beginning of the Russian invasion, prices in supermarkets skyrocketed, forcing many people to reinvent their way of dealing with oil.

If you are thinking of looking for it for any reason Alternatives to using sunflower oil In your everyday kitchen, you’re in luck. Here are ten alternatives that will help you keep your dishes delicious without sacrificing flavour.

Sunflower oil alternatives:

  • Butter and margarine: In many countries where oils, whether olive or sunflower, are more difficult to come by than in southern Europe, it is common to fry using butter or margarine. This fat is ideal for giving dishes a savory finish, but keep in mind that its cooking point is lower than that of oil.

  • waterMany processed foods do not need oil to cook. This is the case of hamburgers or hot dogs, where a little water in the pan is enough to start cooking, after which they release their own oil so that they can finish frying without problems.

  • GheeThis type of clarified butter is popular in Asia, and although it comes from Indian and Pakistani cuisine, it is frequently used in Arabic kitchens. Traditionally it was made with buffalo milk, although it is now more common to prepare it with cow’s milk butter. Its infamous nutty touch will add an exotic touch to curry dishes or even stir-fries.

  • nannies: When making softer meats, such as chicken, on the grill or in the oven, it’s entirely possible to substitute oil for glazes, preserves or marmalade, and even maple syrup or ketchup. Marinades and marinades can also help you get flavor even though you eliminate the oil.

  • Bacon lard: Dishes that use bacon, bacon, or bacon don’t need anything else when frying. The natural fats in these ingredients not only allow you to cook the other ingredients of a dish, but also provide a delicious salty flavor that adds depth to pasta sauces, chips, or stews. Of course, you have to have good temperature control so that the bacon can release oil little by little and without burning. Also, in this case, it is especially important to use non-stick cookware in good condition.

  • Grilled fatOven-roasted fatty meats produce plenty of juices that can be used to sauté vegetables or potatoes that accompany the main course.

  • schmaltzIt is a common ingredient in Eastern Europe and a characteristic of Jewish gastronomy. It is made from chicken fat. If you want to try it, boil the bird’s skin with water that covers it completely. When the water evaporates and the skin removes all the fat, drain it and it’s ready. Not only can it be used to fry anything like oil, but it can be used as a substitute for butter in cakes or meatballs. In addition, the pieces remaining in the colander can be salted and made appetizing.

  • Creamy dressings: If you want to look for alternatives to oil in your salad, try dressings that use lemon or yogurt as a base, they will give it a fresh and delicious touch. You can also go for a creamy texture, you have options like tahini, tofu, or ground cashews.

  • fruit puree: The oils used in the manufacture of desserts, such as biscuits or crackers, can be substituted in the vast majority of occasions for sauces and purees made from fruits such as apples or bananas. Other options you can also consider are sour cream or yoghurt, which give a special touch to the dessert.

  • canning oil: If you are short of oil at a time when you have to tighten your belt, or are simply on holiday with everything shut down, you can always use some canned oil. Tuna, peppers or chilies are usually canned in this way, and if you use them as ingredients, the oil they contain can save you from trouble.

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