Garfiteros is in the spotlight after this blunt message from a hotelier

A clean and well-maintained city is a pleasant place to live, and that includes facades and urban elements. the Graffiti became one of the The concerns of the people of Palma since then spoil and deteriorate the environment. Many times from my authors This graffiti is rooted in the city’s historical heritageor leave traces on the recently launched urban furniture, causing the wrath of the neighbors.

aware of the inconvenience and deterioration they produce Graffiti in the city And the bad image they give our visitorsThis was a complaint from the owner of the hotel Local from Madrid After accessing and seeing your work in its entirety fee of graffiti.

Hotel owner targeting graffiti artists

That’s what Passed With the “Francisca Restaurant” located in Madrid. After the innkeeper got angry, he put up a sign on your local interface where you can Read a letter to people What do graffiti do? That is, having been graffiti artists foundation walls, The person in charge of this place saw the need to paint it.

Graffiti artists, erase your wall It cost me the same price as eight months’ bread (my one month’s labor). All this is to warn you of what it costs you to fix Graffiti made by these artists.

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You don’t even want to deteriorate The work that these people dojust to be able to show it Your place It looks more deteriorated If these kinds of things are drawn on your interface.

The clear message from the owner of the restaurant “Francisca”

“Drawing at home while mom and dad are watching TV.” until today Today it is forbidden to perform What kind of graffiti on the street. This is how BOAM puts it together, talking about Graffiti and graffiti In public places: “It is forbidden to carry out any kind of graffiti, graffiti and inscriptions, whether in public or in public places street furnitureor on the walls of the walls Buildings, facades, and statuesand monuments and public urban trees and in general, any integral element of the city.”

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