Garamendi gets the support of the bulk of the organization in the quest for re-election

The path to the Presidential Presidency for another four years is now clear for Antonio Garamendi after receiving the support of businessmen in Madrid for a second four-year term. CEIM’s support for the Basque businessman joins that already provided by the majority of regional organizations, with the exception of Fomento del Trabajo, which has been working for months for an alternative candidacy to emerge, and Cantabria, which is expected to do so during the commission on October 26. The majority supported the only candidate for the time being in the elections to be held on November 23 (November). The same trend that occurs in regions is repeated in sectoral organizations. The most important companies also gave their endorsement to the president, as with Cepyme and ATA; Confemetal. Construction employers (CNC and Seopan); Part of Auto Dealers (Ganvam), Young Entrepreneurs Representation (Ceaje) and the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA), among others. RELATED NEWS Standard CEO number explodes: ‘It is not acceptable to collect donations from behind social dialogue’ Susanna El Selaye warns employer that 8.6% salary increase of over €50,000 was hidden from social dialogue on Monday, ‘unpresentable’ “And it will have” adverse effects “on employment. To see if Antonio Garamendi faces an opponent, we will have to wait until next November 8, according to the roadmap that defines the statutes of the employers’ association, in which they are reflected. Nominations can be submitted up to 15 days before the elections If there are no other applicants, he will be selected again by acclamation, as happened on November 21, 2018. Rumors that Garamendi will have an opponent have settled in the headquarters of Diego de Leon, 50 in recent months.The name of Gerardo Perez, president of Faconauto, was another of the It has spread like wildfire as an opponent of the President in the upcoming elections, although the party in question has not yet opened its mouth.If it decides to take this step, it must have at least 20 voice representatives for the new General Assembly who in turn represent at least Four full member organizations, as set out in the articles of association. The massive support from the greater part of the organization does not make things easy for a business leader. Fomento’s decision Some members of CEOE’s management erupted in dismay over the way its chairman was going at the end of last year, when Garamendi signed his work reform after consulting his executive committee and board and after checking that four members abstained. Among his partners: employers in Madrid, CEIM, employers in Catalan Fomento and those of the sectoral company Asaga (from the countryside) and Anfac (from cars). Discomfort with the reform signed with the government sparked a blister in Cepyme, which did not prevent its president, Gerardo Cuerva, from stamping his signature on the sealed agreement with the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, the UGT unions and CC.OO. and voting for it in the administrative bodies. Today, Cuerva and Miguel Garrido, head of CEIM, have already approved Garamendi. In this case, the award is especially important, considering that Madrid is the most powerful organization, along with Fomento. The latter and its boss, Josep Sanchez Lieber, have not issued a statement yet, nor have you and Asaga. We’ll have to wait until November 8 to see if Faconauto’s president, Gerardo Perez, has decided to run for office. At any ballot box, or by official vote. In order for this last option to be made, it is enough for only one of the members to request it. In this case, elections must be conducted by secret ballot, at the ballot box and individually, without the discipline of voting in organizations. “With the support that Garamendi is getting, and if there is no other candidate, going to vote blank will only make one sense, and that is to try to damage the image of Garamendi and the person who will be CEO for the next four years. The logical thing is to work together in the face of the economic and political adversity he will face. Business Fabric,” a business source confirmed to this newspaper. During his first term as president of the Employers’ Association, Garamende made far-reaching agreements with the government and unions, such as Labor Reform, Pension Reform or ERTE. The future challenges for the new president are not simple, with a recession looming, in the context of rising prices and energy restrictions. A perfect storm in which businesses, especially SMEs and freelancers, are barely moving, choked with bills and costs and caught up in tax policy.

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