Funeral of Francisco Ibáñez, simple man: “Maybe they didn’t find out that the funeral was today”

Sirat’s “Little Things”. It could not be anything other than the best hymn to say goodbye to the cartoonist Francisco Ibanez This Monday because he always chose them, for humility, every day. His puppets are “far from much intelligence,” a confused Josep Coni recalled as he thought he was talking to another Ibáñez, Paco, the singer-songwriter, whom Nuria Espert honored in a performance dedicated to Federico García Lorca.

Even then, he was one of the most hilarious programs radio had given us in recent times, with his hasty and happy talk, he showed that Ibanez was basically a person without the slightest ego, with his feet on the groundconvinced that if there was any merit in what he did, it was his readers who, of grandfathers, fathers and children, gathered to the beat of generations for 65 years to celebrate him as best paper eraser, Thanks for your drawings. Briefly, “Good people & rdquor;The priest also highlighted at the funeral.

At Sancho de Ávila Funeral Home, which its current editors have attended at Penguin Random House’s Bruguera, with the group’s CEO Nuria Capote And ancient when the seal was under the umbrella of B’s ​​Ediciones White Pink Rock. There was also the former mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colao, And the Minister of Culture Mikel Eseta. July is not a good month for them to come to your funeral and Jose Luis Martinthe head of the “Jives”, one of the few cartoonists who attended the funeral, was surprised by who Lack of colleagues in parting: “I think they didn’t find out about it, nor that he died, of course because this Saturday there was a massive spread. They probably didn’t find out that the funeral was today. And that is.” The second installment of the legendary Bruguera Factory, which brought together the greatest cartoonists of humor that reflected subtle white criticism of Spanish society and human behavior through unlikely heroes or incompetent and unfortunate types. Only Jan, at 84, is still in the professional and vital gap. Quico el progre’s father added, “Having worked for so many years with such dedication and such joy, she is an example of advocacy in its purest form.”

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Three generations of readers

The priest was surprised by the rather extreme explanations but not without his blessing. Not the one who raised his name Francis of Assisi For poverty, simplicity and joy but to establish parallelism between Christianity and the Adventures of Mortadello and Philemon Because on both counts “it ends well.” It’s a way of looking at it.

And, of course, after the pious words, some friends like Clement Sanchez, salesman for Ediciones B, got ready to tell those tales that pulled him from top to bottom, demonstrating not only his value as a cartoonist but also his always endearing ability. Connect with your readers. About how the police in Seville, agitated by his former Bruguera editor and friend Manuel de Cos, stopped the taxi they were going to sign in at a bookstore near the cathedral. “We were shocked, we said we were in a hurry and they would excuse us, but the agents said no, no, because they had already found out that Paco was there and wanted to take over. picture with the teacher& rdquo;.

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His grandson Guillem also spoke of crying while everyone present was thinking about how lucky they were to get an innovator.Rompetechos’, ‘The Sacarino bellboy’, ‘Pepe Gotera and Otilio’ And of course, ‘Mortadello and Philemon. also, of course, ’13, Rue del Percebe’, That since Saturday on social networks a meme has shown that they are free of tenants. In another, a funny person put Airbnb or Booking logos on the floors. Times are changing.

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Upon exiting, and to the sounds of Sisa, all of the Acolytes firmly believe that thanks to the agents of Air Terraqueous investigation technicians, TIA is saying, “Qualsevolt nit bowl saves the sun.” After all, Mortadello always wears mourning.

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