From spa specialist to hotel receptionist

With the onset of summer, tourism has once again increased the labor supply in Spain by creating seasonal jobs, which is common in this season. According to the data of the National Institute of Statistics, the normal thing is to cross over 200,000 new jobs. And despite the fact that less than half were generated in the previous year, according to a forecast report from the Adecco Group Institute, the Adecco Group’s center for studies and publishing, This year there will be 310,000 jobs. Therefore, pre-epidemic numbers are expected to be reached or even exceeded.

The director of this center is Javier Blasco I recently expected a second “rebound” quarter, though it “was not excused from feeling continual in times of volatility.” Forecasts put headcount at 20,754,900 for the second quarter of 2023 (+1.5% qoq; +1.4% yoy) and 20,963,800 for the third quarter (+1.0% qoq; +2.0% yoy). .

Despite this increase in the labor market for the summer months, the school specializing in Training for Campus Employment warns that “the stage where companies would hire people in the summer without any kind of training was already far away.” They explain that they are now more interested Professional profiles, including in the hospitality sector: “They are now looking for trained workers, able to add value not only in times of overwork, but also once the summer is over,” explains Ainhoa ​​Fernandez, the school’s managing editor.

The most demanded professions

During this month of May, companies begin their search for workers, with thousands of job offers to fill vacancies. According to a report by Campus Training, the most in-demand jobs with the greatest prospects for continuity are mostly related to the hospitality industry, although this isn’t the only sector offering summer job opportunities. Examples of the most in-demand professions are: Travel agent, hotel manager, tour guide, spa specialist and hotel receptionist.

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Hotels offer a large number of openings for receptionist and manager positions. In the first case, experts recommend having “communication skills Towards customers, this reflects what the hotel wants to offer.” And in the second, they state that organizations prefer those people who are “organized and know how to manage resources optimally.”

They add that in the summer season, the The services of beauty salons are among the most demanded. “Employees who choose this field must be professionals in techniques and treatments aimed at physical and mental improvement using water and heat treatments, among others.”

In addition, they note that “travel agencies continue to play an important role for many people when choosing a destination and planning a trip.” They advise that employees who want to work in this type of company have skills such as organization, communication and bargaining power.

growth context

Javier Blasco concludes «The boom in services drives Southern Europe, While industrial economies are stuck and progress in hiring comes after reaching, last month, the historic maximum for Social Security affiliates of 20.62 million people. “Without a doubt, we witnessed strong growth in our affiliation (+1.2% month-on-month), confirming the important seasonal component of our production model and reliance on the services, tourism and hospitality sectors. However, enrollment grew +3% year-over-year, when it grew +5.1% a year ago,” Blasco explains.

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