From potato omelettes to lamprey: these are the strangest dishes of Spanish gastronomy

no just us Spanish Those who assert that it is eaten Very well in our countryis that people Abroad confirm it too. Spain offers a very wide gastronomic offer in which you can Enjoy many variants to Food you don’t even know. in our diet Mediterranean sea Legumes, pasta, meat or fish stand out, but there is a wide variety of foods.mdia file that many of us are unaware of From some foods and even dishes.

some these products atypical and rare Just for foreignersbut for the Spaniards as well. Here are some foods The rarest ones that are consumed and that some of them are not frequent.

1. Snails

Snails too Typical of the northern region from the peninsula. It is a typical and rare dish at the same time. Although it may not look like it, it is a very popular food in Spanish and French gastronomy.

2. Seaweed

Dozens of types sea ​​garden, especially in Galicia, such as sea spaghetti, kombu or wakame. But to this day, eating is still very rare algae. Among the benefits they have, they stand out for protecting the bones.

3. The ostrich

It has become meat most consumed From Spain. It differs from the rest The meat in it is sweeter And with less fat and cholesterol.

4. Cock comb

usually eat potatoes With meat, fish or rice.

5. Donkey

It is similar to beef. Its consumption is very typical in the Granada region. One of its great benefits is to help improve diseases.

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6. Seashell

It is also known as “sea cucumber”. It is very typical in Galicia. he have Lots of benefits With anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating properties, it even works to prevent and treat cancer.

7. Plain cheese

This cheese is cooked wrapped in sheep’s wool. It is typical for Catalonia.

8. Nettle

Brush against it when you are at it Domain pokes, but nevertheless, it has its advantages. It can be prepared with them: Infusions and brothsAnd Tortilla or stir-fry. They are digestive and inflammatory.

9. Lamprey

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lamprey Half a fishHalf a snake. It feeds on other fish. he It is located in Galicia Which is kind of Oily fish that contain omega 3.

10. Blood Pies

them too Known as Galician crepes. made for Pig blood base.

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