From man of God to gunslinger from hell

A 35 year old financial advisor and a very religious person. This was Philip F. , the same one who, after disagreements within a community of Jehovah’s Witnesses, burst into a window on Thursday night in the middle of a celebration and began shooting his fellow congregation with a pistol, turning the Temple into hell. He has no criminal record and has not been registered as an extremist. Not only did he meet all the legal requirements to hold his gun license, but his public image was that of a successful career, a man who traveled, contracted with colleagues internationally, and enjoyed a high standard of living. His profile opens a huge question mark about his crimes. His seven deaths and the way he chased them into the temple tell us about the abyss he descended from a life of success. Born in 1987 in Mermingen, Bavaria, he grew up in a Catholic home in “quiet Kempten”, from an idyllic childhood. He trained as a banker in Munich before spending a year of community service and also earned a degree in business administration. On his website he presents himself as a “Financial Adviser”, “Global”, and “European Advertiser”. He was a Liverpool fan and fondly remembered the first time he set foot on the property at Anfield Road in the UK, as well as his trip in 2008 to watch a match against Arsenal and have fun with his gang. of friends, since “the world’s most famous amphitheater, which had to be converted into a grandstand seating in 1994 for security reasons. After completing his studies, his “analytical understanding and clear intuition” led him to Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt, where he works, according to his profile On Linkedin, since 2014 in related companies such as Deutsche Bank, Tschibo or the consulting firm PwC.. Until the pandemic made him think that he wanted to change his life, reduce the level of stress, and established himself alone in the elegant Ballendam, an exclusive neighborhood in the heart of Hamburg. Fee was “Comprehensive consultancy” €250,000 plus VAT, and boasted several companies have been convicted of fraud Standard Related News No At least eight dead and several injured after armed attack on Hamburg’s Jehovah’s Witnesses Rosalia Sanchez Police confirmed the death of the suspect, who is A former member of the religious group, and continues to investigate the motive of the Catholic massacre Thanks to his theological foundations, he developed his own consulting method, capable of “identifying values” and it was working well. At that time he renounced Catholicism for the sake of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He published on the websites of His social life depicts him “spending time in peace, in a sunny environment and on the water”, as well as his religious ideas. In December of last year he published The Truth About God, Jesus Christ and the Devil, which he describes as a “normative work on theology and law” in which he says that “contrary to popular belief, God, Jesus Christ and the Devil are not abstract beings in Heaven. No, rather we are dealing with very powerful spirit beings who, like us humans, have feelings and therefore sometimes act impulsively.” A police spokesman explained yesterday that his theological details were not appreciated by other members of his community, which he decided to leave a year and a half ago on “very unfriendly terms”. Jehovah’s Witnesses are characterized by a complete severance of relations with those who leave. Last month, police received an anonymous call informing him that his mental faculties had changed, as he underwent a routine check of his weapons license and underwent a psychiatric exam, which he passed. With his own gun in his pocket, he entered the Kingdom Hall at 9 p.m. Thursday and began firing, looking for temporary hiding places for those trying to avoid death. In the building, 15 magazines containing 15 bullets and 200 other bullets were found. He fired a total of 135 rounds before the police arrived and then climbed onto the roof, with the last bullet going to himself.

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