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More than a dozen robots dance in sync to the sound of music while a few feet away, a robot prepares cocktails with flow Which many waiters would like. It’s one of many future scenarios that can be seen at CES, which is taking place this week in Las Vegas. At the largest consumer electronics show on the planet, in addition to all sorts of automated machines, it’s possible to glimpse several strange — and sometimes silly — devices.

Toilet urine analyzer

French company Withings wants users to urinate on their devices. The U-Scan sits down the toilet and analyzes your urine in real time to detect potential health problems, in addition to monitoring your menstrual cycle. Admirian Albisson, an employee of the company, describes this device as a “urinalysis lab”. “There is a lot of health data in it and people only look at it once a year. With this device and app, it is possible to get data about hydration, nutrition or ovulation period easily,” he says. The device, according to his calculation, will go on sale in Europe in the second half of 2023 for about 500 euros.

Interactive masturbator

In a wing of the Las Vegas Convention Center, a group of men gather around a masturbator. The device, called Handy and costing around 200 euros, has a piece of rubber inside that reconfigures the penis and moves from top to bottom. “They give up to 600 strokes per minute, and they can go very fast or very slow,” explains Maria Luna, of Sweet Tech. In addition to the fact that someone else can remotely control how the device moves using an app, it’s integrated with audio, video, and games. The goal is to “repeat in perfect harmony what is happening in the video”: “what you see or hear, you will feel.” The company has already sold 70,000 units. This is indicated by Luna, who notes that between 3,000 and 4,000 machines are connected each day.

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Hair dye printer

Kyosuke Lee, an employee of the South Korean company Brinker, asks his assistant to extend his arm. Immediately afterward, a machine is passed over which, within seconds, prints a temporary tattoo onto his skin. With that said, this company has captured the attention of hundreds of show attendees in recent years. In this version, Brinker is surprised by a device that takes sections of hair and dyes them temporarily with color. Lee expects it will go on sale in the middle of this year.

Kyusuk Lee, with a Prinker machine that can dye your hair in a few seconds.
Kyusuk Lee, with a Prinker machine that can dye your hair in a few seconds.Elizabeth Rubio.

message finder

Genchi is probably one of the most extravagant services on display at CES. It is a search engine that allows the user to ask another person to go somewhere for them while recording what they see. “The point is that you can experience the situation, even if you’re not there in person,” explains Chinaru Arnold, of Japan’s Toraru Company. For example, someone could pay another person to go to a store with a camera and show them some clothes, go sightseeing in a certain place, or even visit someone in the hospital.

In fact, according to Arnold’s account, the idea came about five years ago when the CEO of the company was taking care of his mother. “He had to cancel all the events he wanted to attend, and so he thought if there was someone who could be there for him, he wouldn’t have to miss out on these opportunities,” he says. For now, this platform can only be used in Japan, although the company plans to expand to other countries. The price depends on the service and can range “from a few dollars to around $100”.

Mask for secret calls

If last year one of the most extravagant inventions was a mask to show emotions with LED lights, then this sound-absorbing version has attracted attention so that users can make discreet calls anywhere. Stefan Hirsen, from Skyted, tries to do a demonstration and when he talks to her, you can’t hear what he’s saying. This device is designed for players “They can scream at two in the morning without waking the neighbours” and even those who do business can make all kinds of calls without being heard.

Deodorizing shoe rack

Mobile shoe rack aspires to absorb moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors from shoes. This LG invention, called the Styler ShoeCare, uses pressurized steam-based technology that, according to the company, “makes shoes more fun to wear and to hang out with.” It supposedly takes into account shoe type and fabric and can update up to four pairs in 37 minutes.

fall belt

Among the most curious inventions on display, the belt that aims to predict falls and possible femur fractures in the elderly also stands out. “This type of fracture involves hospitalization in 100% of cases, loss of independence in 50% of cases, and death in 30% of cases,” says Victoria Lamour-Chambon, of France’s Sas Hippy. When the belt detects that someone is going to fall, it immediately activates a airbag To absorb impact and avoid breakage. In addition, in this case, it sends an alert to the mobile phone of their relatives.

Sass Hippy belts, which seek to predict falls and avoid potential femur fractures.
Sass Hippy belts, which seek to predict falls and avoid potential femur fractures.Isabelle Rubio

A helmet that analyzes brain activity

Jiyu Kim wears a large white helmet on her head. “With it, we scan and analyze brain waves thanks to A software On the basis of artificial intelligence, ”he confirms. This device, which is designed for both children and the elderly, performs electroencephalography and is certified as a medical device in South Korea. This is explained by Kim, who guarantees that the helmet “can detect within 10 minutes a weakness mild cognitive impairment, pre-dementia stage, and whether the person is at high risk of depression.”

Foot scanner

“Many women and men struggle when shopping for dress shoes because they often don’t fit properly because manufacturers make them out of the box,” says orthopedic surgeon Taryn Rose of Alia Technologies. His company has made, on the one hand, a device, and on the other, an app that scans the foot in great detail taking into account 192 different measurements. After creating a 3D representation, the company manufactures a custom shoe that adapts to each user.

Computer anti-theft device

Every 53 seconds a laptop is stolen, according to LaBlock. This company revealed a possible solution at CES: a device used to hold a computer on a table. This is intended to prevent someone from stealing it when you are in a cafeteria, university, or other crowded place. Once the laptop is installed on the table, you must enter a code into the Laplok Extension in order to be able to move it.

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