Françoise Gilot, former partner of Picasso, dies at the age of 101

the artist Françoise GilotHe, who was Pablo Picasso’s partner for ten years, died in the final hours in a Manhattan hospital at the age of 101, according to The New York Times, citing the deceased’s daughter.

Gilot suffered from Lung and heart problemsexplained his daughter Aurelia.

Author of a book entitled “Life with Picasso” Published in 1964, Gilot was not only one of the few women to leave the Spanish painter of her own free will, but also rebuilt her love and artistic life and carve out a prominent career in the United States as a painter and writer after their separation.

Gilot met Picasso in 1943 when She was 21 and he was 61 Both of them were paired. They never married but were in a relationship for ten years and had two children together, Claude and Paloma.

At the time Picasso’s figure is being reinterpreted as Manipulative and macho manThe newspaper mentions an excerpt from the book, when Gilot announced to the painter that he was leaving him and Picasso’s reaction was as follows:

Do you think someone would be interested in you? They would never do it just for you: even people you think appreciate you would be kind of curious about someone who touched my life intimately.”

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The book was a bestseller, and despite its cordial tone to his former lover—he even dedicated it “to Pablo”—it infuriated Picasso, who pulled the word out of it, as well as Two normal children.

Although the book and her status as a former lover of genius brought her most fame, her career as a painter was successful and many of her paintings are part of collections. MET Museum, MoMA or Center Pompidou In Paris; Even in 2021, his work “Dove with Guitar” sold for $ 1.3 million at auction at Sotheby’s.

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