France, the first NATO country to announce the dispatch of light tanks to Ukraine

On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that he would send light tanks to Ukrainian forces to strengthen their military power against Russia.

“France will provide light combat tanks and will continue to support it in the field of defence,” Macron said, after announcing that this information was confirmed shortly before by his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a phone call.

This action, taken after kyiv requests, includes “delivery, for the first timeIn this way, the French state becomes the first NATO partner to send light armored vehicles, which marks a turning point in the conflict.

These AMX-10 tanks were designed in the 70s of the last century and manufactured by Nexter Corporation.

Likewise, the French president noted that his “support for Ukraine will not weaken” until victory, until peace returns to Europe,” according to his profile on the social networking site Twitter.

The French President reaffirmed his country’s “unwavering support” for Kiev to restore its “full sovereignty and territorial integrity,” while reiterating his “strong condemnation of the Russian bombing of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.”

Afterward, Zelensky thanked his counterpart for his offer, while emphasizing that the two leaders agreed to increase their bilateral cooperation.

We also agreed to work on implementing the peace formula. Thanks, my friend! Your leadership brings our victory closer.”

There is no date nor shipment number

This Thursday, the French Foreign Minister, Catherine ColonnaHe ruled out that sending tanks to Ukraine would implicate Paris in the conflict with Russia, which began about a year ago.

The minister stated, in an interview with TF1 TV channel, that this shipment, following the promise made by President Emmanuel Macron, It does not make France a “partner”.

“Ukraine, according to the UN Charter, has the right to defend itself, and our duty is to help. Why? Because what is happening there affects not only all Ukrainians, but also the stability of the entire European continent,” he stressed.

Thus, he indicated that the resolution did not violate France’s red lines in matters of foreign policy, and reaffirmed that “the aim is to ensure stability in the world and to create conditions that will promote a climate of peace.”

In this sense, he did not give details of the exact date of the shipment or the number of tanks that France would send, but indicated that the Ukrainian forces first need to receive training in order to know how to use them.

Biden is considering supplying combat armor

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that Washington is considering sending Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine. The Bradley armored vehicle has been a staple in the US Army for transporting troops on the battlefield since the mid-1980s. The us has thousands of kiev who will have more firepower on the battlefield and would strengthen Trench warfare ability.

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