Four-color traffic lights: a reality not far away

Next to the pedestrian crossing, the STOP sign or give way, the traffic light It is one of the most important elements of traffic when it comes to Direct navigation in cities, whether for cars For people and other vehicles such as bicycles or scooters.

Although traffic lights have undergone many modifications since they were implemented on roads around the world nearly two centuries ago, they have always maintained their Pattern makes it easy Interpretable worldwide: Tricolorgreen, red and amber.

However, it now appears that this familiar thing about traffic lights is about to change with the arrival of a new color. As reported by the newspaper Diario de Navarra in an article on a study conducted by the University of North Carolina (USA), the following discontinuation of Autonomous cars On urban and intercity roads would create nThe need to incorporate a new symbol into the traffic light for a lifetime.

Four color traffic lights

The proposal of a group of engineers that dInvestigation phase, which raises the need to introduce a new color, beg to hire the goal To make traffic control more efficient when self-driving cars start to become popular.

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The engineers who developed the study believe that white light will do just that Improved time passing through intersections and reduce fuel consumption. It will work in such a way that when a large number of autonomous cars approach these traffic lights, the white light will turn on and the drivers will have to follow these signals only. Automated vehicles.

Until now, the only white-light traffic light in Spain was the one that featured a White line on a black backgroundWhich was limited to trams and buses, according to times and conditions. Although modifications to traffic lights are not imminent, these changes could occur in the future due to continuous advancements in technologies.

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