Former President Hu Jintao expelled from the CPC congress

After a week of closed-door meetings inside an anti-Covid bubble, the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) concluded on Saturday with the coronation Xi Jinping“The Red Emperor”, As the strongest leader since then mao. In addition to approving the amendments to the Party Statutes promoted by Xi himself, the secret meeting left a moment in history that would give much to talk about: The forced departure of former President Hu Jintao.

The incident, strange and full of tension, occurred just as the doors had just opened to journalists and cameras who had been waiting for more than an hour in the Great Hall of the People. at that moment, Xi Jinping ordered a bead to take Hu Jintao awaySitting to his left, his health appears to have deteriorated sharply at the age of 79. Behind him two porters lifted him from his chair, but he was reluctant to leave.

For a minute he grabbed Beads by the arm and signaled the ex-president to come out Did you try to sit down To remain at the meeting, where the reforms proposed by Xi Jinping will be voted on. In fact, he directly asked him to stay and gave each other looks that said it all: While Hu Jintao looked at him in astonishment, surprised at having to leave, Xi Jinping looked at him condescendingly, not losing his composure. But without giving in to their entreaties.

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At this unusual moment, another very startling detail occurred. At the head of the National Assembly and number three of the system, Lee zhanshuTry to intercede for Hu Jintaothe number five and the propaganda theorist, Wang HuningHe pulled it from the back of his jacket so he wouldn’t intrude. In the first row of the podium, the entire party leadership remained idly by while he was trying to stay in the hall.

Finally, pulling the beads, he had to leave. But before he left, he said something Xi Jinping, who did not even retreat and continued to look straight ahead. next one, Hu Jintao He put his hand on the shoulder of Premier Li Keqiang, who a decade ago was his favorite to succeed him as president but ultimately fell behind Xi Jinping.

Hu Jintao forcibly left Congress, resting his arm on the shoulder of Premier Li Keqiang, his favorite to succeed him a decade ago.

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Because of the tension of the episode and the presence of cameras from China and around the world, it could be a public purge in front of nearly 2,300 delegates from Communist Party Gathered in the Great Hall of the People. While analysts and experts try to find out exactly what happened, some reporters from official press comment on it Hu’s departure was due to his poor health He was troubled.

After he left, all the delegates raised their arms in favor of the proposed amendments, and there was not a single vote against them. To the tunes of ‘International’, Xi Jinping was crowned with and with the most powerful president since Mao an empty chair next to it It symbolizes his absolute power in China.

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