food waste | Do frozen foods have an expiration date?

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Spanish households discarded more than 1,300 million kilos of food in 2020, which means 31 kg per person. Because of this waste, the government promoted the first law against food waste in October.

One of the simplest solutions to avoid food waste is Freeze food. Many ignore it, but most products can be frozen, and the only thing to note and remember is iThe importance of knowing storage times. Although it is recommended to eat six months agoSome can last up to a year.

Meat and cooked

the cooked food average duration Two months and three monthsslightly less than raw food.

he turkey or chicken It can be kept longer in the freezer. It can even go on twelve months without losing its properties. the Beef and lamb; However, it can keep up nine months. and the Pig, max six months. if it was The meat has been roasted It tends to last longer in the freezer, even 12 Months This is acceptable.

In case Fishaccording to you average fat. the smoker It can even go on two monthshe Three months blue. And other types of Oysters up to 12 months (Nikuras, Norwegian lobster, etc.)

he bread, if it was Raw dough, it can last up to a month. Instead, it is Baked bread can be frozen and thawed for up to three months. Biscuits or biscuits and others candies can be held between Three and eight months If they are baked and Three months of raw dough.

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Fruits and vegetables

In case fruits and vegetables, It can be frozen if it is not spoiled. However, some They hold up better cooked like apple or quince. the vegetables And vegetables resist freezing well, among eight and twelve months.

Eggs and dairy products

Finally, the most delicate foods such as Eggs and other dairy products It can be frozen, but it’s intense sensitive to temperature changes. That’s why you have to be careful.

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the Milk It can only be kept in the freezer From three to six months if it was for cookingdo not drink. the dairy are more resistant Butter and margarine that lasts until 12 and 9 months. the Cheese can keep up with it six monthsbut it depends on what greasy this. the meltedfor example, can only be kept up to Month.

and the Fresh eggs It can even be frozen 1 month maximum.

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