Food that scares mosquitoes out of your home and lets you sleep with the window open

Someone already noticed that he found them spying on us from the room wall. Unfortunately, the first mosquitoes infiltrated our house, as if they were forward sentinels. It is a problem that, with the arrival of heat, is disturbing millions of Italians.

We may be animal rights activists, but mosquitoes are not one of the animals that can elicit all that solidarity. On the contrary, every year we invent new ways to eliminate it. Also so that we don’t have to see our plastered walls with their dead bodies. In short, the battle to avoid ant invasions is good, but you also have to get rid of mosquitoes.

Now it’s time to get ready for the summer battle against these pesky insects.

To avoid finding our house full of mosquitoes, we should not wait until the last minute, but now is the time to take action. Usually, at this time, the various municipalities begin to prepare plans to stop this seasonal infestation of mosquitoes. However, we can also do our part.

The first remedy that we should adopt to bother mosquitoes is the use of essential oils. In fact, its smell is particularly undesirable for these insects. We should dilute them in a little water and put them in bowls scattered throughout the room. It is better to use lemon or citronella oils. Mosquitoes will be startled and end up confused.

The second solution is to use citronella candles. Turning it on at night can also be a good idea because it smells good. When burned, it emits an odor that bothers and confuses mosquitoes. This smell in the air ends up confusing them and causing them to leave the field and turn away.

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It is also necessary to have pots on the balcony to keep these pesky insects away. We must put, in our defense, seedlings of basil, geranium and even garlic. This is a very useful natural repellent for annoying mosquitoes. It is important to feed them with the right soil.

The fourth and interesting treatment is to use it at home. Any garlic cut and put around the rooms. Sliced ​​onions or lemons are best, but they are also fine soaked in white vinegar.

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