food | Plastic and bamboo lids are harmful

When storing our food, we have to keep in mind those items that are most important Suitable for contact with food, because there are some unauthorized for this use. This is a plastic case with bamboo. As the food safety authorities warn, containers made from this type of material are not suitable for food use.

Plastic with bamboo?

Using plastic utensils with bamboo in contact with food can be dangerousas it has been verified its ability to transfer materials used in the manufacturing process to food (Melamine and formaldehyde) in excessive quantities.

A small difference is that the products are made of 100% bamboo, yes it is suitable for this use. The problem is the plastic that uses bamboo powder as an additive.

Materials that come into contact with food must not be hazardous, that is, when used, they must not transmit substances that can harm the health of food. Apart from this, manufacturers have to follow good practices to make it right.

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On the market there are quite a few plastic objects that, when placed, Additives such as bamboo, corn, wheat straw, and coffee, Among other things. Of all these things, none of them appear on the list of authorized substances in the European Union, which means that this status is completely illegal and even more so when it comes to food purposes.

Certified if it’s 100% bamboo.

What happens is that the presence of bamboo and other plant materials in the plastic is something that attracts consumers. Bamboo-infused plastics are often marketed as being made from bamboo, when in fact they are primarily made of plastic. Therefore, in order to distinguish one from the other, it is advisable to read their composition. And remember:

  • that plastic material Containing bamboo powder as an additive whose composition is greater than that of plastic, it is illegal And it can be put risk to whoever consumes it

  • The pots are made of 100% bamboo We are authorized And they are completely legal. With them, do not run There is no risk

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