Food News | What is drunk, the new trendy stomach phenomenon in Madrid

If there is one thing that makes Madrid different, it is that whatever you do and go out the day you leave, you always breathe joy. Now, the wine plant in the middle of the day It extends until the night or, in another way, dinner before snacks, and thus the phenomenon of eating appearedIt’s a kind of brunch but instead of at noon it’s eaten at night. Or, if we want to say it in other words: late. This concept is nothing new, in fact, it has become more common after confinement when, due to time constraints, we lengthen meals and serve dinners to such an extent that it is no longer very clear where the boundary is between one and the other. Of course, what makes the trendy afternoon different in Madrid is the live music.

There are more and more places where, In addition to giving you the possibility to eat at a time when kitchens were closed in the past (It is less common to hear: “After 4:00 pm here not a single plate of food is served”), that is, at 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm, this plan can also be accompanied by with music. And with drinks, wine and beer to be roasted.

Next, we show you three places where you can enjoy a snack in Madrid.

Canopy hotel balcony

(Plaza de Carlos Tres Bertran, 4, Madrid)

Unplug and turn on It is a concert programme Z floor. It takes place every Friday at 8:30 pm, thus in honor of one of the most appreciated moments in the capital: aperitif, also known as soak. Musical performance complete with tasting show With classics like salads or croquettes.

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Oriana’s house

(Plaza Republic of Ecuador, 2. Madrid)

What better plan for a Saturday afternoon than having some tapas and a few drinks while listening to live flamenco music? We doubt it. Casa Orellana’s second residence in the Chamartín district was conquering the public with a traditional and current proposal for a snack bar and dining house. All this, in a space arranged to honor the aperitif, where tapas and bread dips are the order of the day. From now on, space will save a cycle Saturday afternoon flamenco shows, A musical scheme paired perfectly with the gastronomic proposition of this upscale pub where traditional flavours, portions, beers, vermouths and a carefully selected selection of wines are the protagonists. Don’t miss the bringa mullet or tuna with spicy tomatoes, eggs with lace and pesto for anything in the world.

commercial coffee

Bilbao Circle, 7. Madrid

Although the croquette and its salad are most likely what will draw you to the commercial coffee shop, what will make you repeat it over and over again will be their evening parties. Central to Madrid’s cultural and social life for 135 years, Café Commercial has become a meeting point for generations and, after its reopening, has established itself as a gastronomic standard where you can enjoy the most traditional cuisine. The iconic Madrid venue, located at the foot of the Glorieta de Bilbao, has become the perfect alternative where you can enjoy our very special dishes in two different areas: the bar with options like ttraditional mussels or mussels “classic” salad; and the Lounge, where you can also try meat dishes like Iberian pork cheek or Wellington sirloin and fish like taquitos from Roman-style lodge skewers with fried garlic muslin or grilled octopus with mojo canary. In addition, it has a very complete cultural agenda where every month it proposes weekly plans for concerts, monologues and movie sessions that take place on the first floor.

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