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Certain foods are particularly beneficial and healthy when it comes to improving our nutritional health. But the foods that help us achieve this are not only vegetables and fruits, but this power is also held by the favorite food of many: Chocolate.

To take advantage of the good side of cocoa, it is not worth it dark chocolate. According to the clinic’s founder, Salina Saenz nature feedCocoa with a purity of 85-100% is the most recommended and healthy. Once we know this, it is important to keep in mind the amount to include when taking it. Therefore, if it is chocolate, then it is recommended not to overdo it 10 and 30 gr what it translates to ounce Or a teaspoon sprinkled with coffee daily. he pure cocoa It is the most recommended option if you want to take a healthy and safe amount.

The benefits of cocoa

One of the main benefits is that with the power of magnesium, it helps to increase and improve the mood of those who consume it. As if that weren’t enough, the experts from healthy I recommend dark chocolate to deal with They are springwhich is a disorder, It affects 4 out of 10 people.

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In addition, cocoa is an ingredient that helps focus and improves the central nervous system. Among its other benefits is the improvement of hair health, due to its high zinc content, a mineral that, if unavailable, accelerates hair loss. On the other hand, cocoa has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes cardiovascular health.

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Although this dessert is one of the most enjoyable for any age, the ideal is Regulating its consumption and not overdoing it. In fact, it has been proven that the desire to satiate this craving for a good cocoa flavor is early noon, Because you probably didn’t eat enough. Most of them have this habit with the intention of satisfying a psychological psychological need, so it is important that we include this amount of chocolate in our day, but as long as we do not touch the excess.

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