Five startups working to change and improve the world

The aftermath of Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW) has been intense for the five startups awarded At this year’s edition of the new economy benchmark event. Executives from the five companies that, through digitization, mobility transformation, robotics, constructive self-promotion, teams mentality and children’s world sustainability, coincide in assessing the support from relationships, investors and clients they received after receiving the award.

For startups BChange Mindset Management, Buildlovers, Urban Radar, Le Petite Planet and Theker Robotics, initiatives such as BNEW present a unique opportunity to boost their growth and visibility, as well as the many contacts made in the event’s “collaborative intelligence ecosystem”. . by And theBarcelona Free Zone Federation (CZFB) Which brings together the sectors of digital industry, investment, sustainability, mobility, real estate, talent and experience.

Perry Navarro, the state’s special delegate to CZFB, stresses that “it’s the perfect opportunity for startups to have a greater economic and social impact.” While Blanca Sorigué, Managing Director of Consorci and BNEW, confirms that, in order to select the winning projects, the jury evaluated the solutions of the participants taking into account various factors, “such as their potential sustainable growth, their ability to influence the economy and society, and its innovation component.

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The directors of the five companies understand that “deep down, we help change and improve the world, because the current company is no better than the one we inherited from our parents.” Patricia Sancho, CEO of Le Petit Planet, confirms that in his company they aspire to bring about change in families so that they move from a linear economy of purchase, use and disposal, to another circular economy in everything related to the world of childhood. “Children grow up very quickly and purchases of toys and clothes on our platform, once used, are resold through blockchain technology that creates a digital certificate,” explains Sancho.

Talent is the raw material with which he works Inigo MansoCEO, BChange Mindset Management. He warns that “everything around us is changing except the mentality of people.” This is why his company has created a category in which it helps organizations transform by changing the mindset. They combine cinematic language with neural management and, together with artificial intelligence, provide predictive data to prevent, for example, brain drain.

Marcelino Aragonese, founder of Buildlovers, tries to facilitate the process of self-promotion of real estate when a user decides to build their own home, because, as a rule, it “tends to hell” and 90% of those who do assure that they will not repeat the experience due to cost overruns, deadline delays and many Problems with suppliers,” says Aragones. The platform of this company brings the user together with the purchase of land, financing and construction with the industrial construction variant and its sustainability components.

vianneysenlecq, from Urban Radar, provides tools and data for city managers to solve problems arising from precision mobility and also to plan sustainably and reduce emissions. Based on aggregated data calculations, visualization products and indicators, they help decide on urban logistics, mobility and sustainable development to “achieve, say, 15-minute cities”.

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Carla Gomez Canoco-founder of Theker Robotics, an R&D + i startup in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and computer vision, has created “the world’s most advanced microelectronic soldering and welding technologies and with it we will change the paradigm of electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, betting on automated remanufacturing and promoting the circular economy” “.

Currently, the world generates about 50 million tons of e-waste per year, “which is equivalent to throwing away a thousand computers per second and giving their boards a second life because our technology allows us to replace parts.” All this thanks to his robot, “the first in which all types of electronic boards can be inserted and capable of automatically detecting the components to be soldered, through artificial intelligence and computer vision, so that it makes the process more efficient, avoiding the errors that are currently occurring in the industry.

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