‘First Dates’ dinner complaint about the show’s food: “They put…”

The food served at “First Dates” restaurant also receives complaints from various diners. This is the case of Albert, a 57-year-old civil servant, described as affectionate and affectionate but, yes, indoors:I am very outgoing and I am looking for someone who shares this extroversion“.

Moments later, Albert learned he was going to meet Rosser, a 52-year-old real estate agent who didn’t like the way the official went to the appointment: “An appointment is arranged. I cared, and it wasn’t as much as I expected“.

“I didn’t like anything like that at first,” Albert said after sharing the first few minutes with Roser at First Dates. “I like short women, but size is not my prototype, I like skinny ones.”

Once sitting at the table that the restaurant reserved for them, the truth is that both of them continued to realize that they were incompatible, even in your sign. In this situation, Albert tried to deal with the bad weather with a good face and drew a sarcastic criticism that made Roser laugh:I’ll have to come here more, because they put a little more

The bad communication between the two also came when they talked about their sexual preferences. Roser said he liked adventure, a phrase that received a very succinct response from Albert:That’s what they all say, but you got them out of the missionary…“.

As expected, in the last minutes of the date, the mismatch between the two was decisive in the “final decision”, as both did not want to have any more appointments to meet.

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