Find out if you meet the minimum vital income requirements with this simulator

the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) It is one of the great reforms introduced by the current government with uneven enforcement and access. To request this assistance, there are a series of requirements that must be met before it can be received. It can range from €491.63 per month for a single beneficiary without disability to €1189.75 if the single-parent family consists of one adult and four or more minors. To do this, you can refer to the Vital Income Simulator that Social Security itself enables on their website.


To take advantage of the minimum vital income, you must To be resident in Spain. That is, you have had continuous legal and active residence during the year preceding the application. However, if minors are incorporated by adoption or foster care into a so-called “cohabiting unit” or family, this term is not required. Nor in the case of victims of gender-based violence and sexual exploitation.

The other requirement is to be in a state Economic vulnerabilityIt is determined by a series of criteria based on the applicants’ economic ability or ‘coexistence unit’, with all the resources of its members added up in this case.

Specifically, one is in “economic weakness” when they are Average monthly income and annual income for the previous year It turns out that it is at least 10 € less than the monthly amount secured in the IMV corresponding to each method and the number of people that make up the cohabitation unit. In this sense, the amounts of pensions and benefits, whether social or non-contributory, public or private, will count as income.

In any event, an applicant will not be considered in impairment if he or she is a net worth person who, regardless of his or her usual place of residence, is assessed in an amount equal to or greater than three times Income guaranteed by a minimum vital income. Last year this amount was 17,698.80 euros.


Anyway, from the Social Security Electronic Office itself, you can check if you meet all the above requirements by going to the simulator which will give you an answer through simple questions. Now, we must remember that this service cannot be processed from the simulator and we must go to the web.

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