Finally, Malaga dresses up in passionate red

Since the phenomenal year of 2021, when it was Malaga Festival It had to be postponed due to COVID-19 demandsKeep it red carpet Do not lose the habit, but it was not the same: in Grand Miramar Hotel, without an audience, only to inform … One of the great features of the appointment with the cinema in Spanish is lost, imitated later with other appointments: the closeness with the audience, the roar of the followers of the movie stars, the television (and more recently social networks). Finally, with the pandemic in limbo, Teatro Cervantes once again hosted the usual A long-awaited review of popular names from our audiovisuals. And without masks in the middle.

More or less successful risks, ladylike elegance and exquisite maturity can be seen in the parade of popular faces

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He was Lots of stakes on the first red carpet festival. transparencies Angie FernandezSkirt slit Miria BravoEva Esanta’s sheer, impossibly pink hue and the emo-goth look of Dora Postigo complement Eva Esanta’s gorgeous maturity. Eduardo Noriega And Emma Suarez. opening ceremony presenters, Elena Sanchez And Martha Hazasexplained why they are among the best at practicing the art of a lady like, eg Cayetana Guillen CuervoAlways elegant, always good.

And another woman who shone on the first night of the competition: the second deputy prime minister and minister of labor, Yolanda DiazAnd who attended with the head of the culture department, Mikel Esetato demonstrate the executive’s growing support for a Spanish-language film event.

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