Film releases | Christopher Nolan, director of “Oppenheimer”: A maniac who embarks on near-impossible missions

Oppenheimer is the first Biography From Christopher Nolan Comes Out, his longest film to date, and perhaps his most exciting, paradoxical though it may sound; Three hours of footage go by at full speed the movies They will envy, and this has an additional advantage if we consider that it consists mainly of scenes in which scientists and politicians talk and talk, almost always sitting. For the rest, it fits perfectly into his director’s filmography.

In fact, it makes sense for the Brit to claim to have been obsessed with Oppenheimer for so long, because Profile of the so-called “father Atomic bomb“Perfectly matches the typical character of cinema: A brilliant, emotionally disabled and perpetually arrogant person who faces an extraordinary moral dilemma, often having to put himself in danger to save the world at large.

Oppenheimer also went down in history as the creator of one of those tools that should never be used, of which we find many examples in Nolan’s films: A machine for creating clones that Nikola Tesla built The last trickBatman’s sonar The Dark Knight From the telephone signals of all his fellow citizens is the device used by Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) Origin to enter the dreams of his victims and steal their secrets; Almost always, of course, this technology is used.

dangerous ways

Nolan himself constantly resorted to dangerous methods to achieve his goals. For example, he shot scenes from Interstellar on top of a dissolving glacier, and blow up a Boeing 747 as required by the script. Tenet. and during filming OppenheimerAnd He recreated the first nuclear weapon detonation in history with little recourse to computer-generated imagery. It’s unlikely that he dropped an actual bomb to see its effect on camera, but if it were discovered that he did, there wouldn’t be much reason to be surprised.

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He is a director, in other words, who is capable of anything to achieve his goal: making films with an emphasis on box office that not only requires the active participation of the viewer, but also many views to be absorbed, which satisfies both those who go to the cinema in search of deep entertainment and those who also seek intellectual stimulation. The first is provided with images of cities collapsing in on themselves and frantic air battles; For others, moreover, they turn superhero movies into a stroll through the territory that separates chaos from fascism and use the lexicon of heist movies to think about free will.

In other words: while telling stories about nerdy men who are willing to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks – saving Gotham, finding a new home for humanity, averting World War III, and developing the technology needed to build the most devastating weapons imaginable – Nolan asserts over and over that he himself is one of them.

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