Film Law | Amending Vox entirely does not prevent it from continuing its congressional operation

he full of Congress On Thursday, March 16th, an amendment was rejected for all vox For the draft law on cinema and audiovisual culture which was opposed by the entire Parliamentary bracket except for the supporters and citizens who abstained.

During the debate, many parliamentarians, especially from nationalist or pro-independence groups, shamed Vox It reads “exuding nostalgia for NODE” They criticized that they mainly direct their complaints at political indoctrination, linguistic diversity, and subsidies to the audiovisual industry.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Mikel Eseta, has defended the film law because it is “necessary” to update the 2007 rule, which he considers unable to meet the demands of the sector. “It is a law we consider Decisive for the promotion of the audiovisual sector, which is a rich, complex, diverse and ever-changing universe. It is an engine for the present and the future and a source of employment and wealth,” he affirmed in Parliament.

Iceta emphasized that, according to this rule, Spanish audiovisuals will be promoted “inside and outside the borders of Spain” and claimed that The importance of continuing to advance equality in this sector, at the same time as ensuring the strengthening of the assistance system, especially independent production. “This government will never confuse value with price. For this reason, the law supports large productions, but it also makes possible another, more serious audiovisual. Can anyone imagine a public museum that shows only successful artists? Some people don’t seem to.” We realize that creative work is always a risky bet and that the mission of the Ministry is to make culture possible in all its richness, ”he emphasized.

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For his part, Vice Fox Jose Ramirez who advocated for the full amendment, stated this His collection is “amazing” with films that take in “thousands” of euros but collect “hundreds” of euros at the box office.. In addition, he criticized that some creators who receive such assistance “devote themselves to insulting their public potential” and lamented that the AV management model “promoted by PSOE and supported by PP” has led to “political hardening in the replacement of talent”. “This way of wasting public money is scandalous and cannot be explained by an accident, it is something that has been going on for years. When a new film law was announced, one could expect a great change in philosophy but there is nothing of this paradigm change in this law. The waste of resources runs deep He stressed that this will lead to a shortage of the necessary means.

Likewise, it made it ugly for the government to “let go” of the independent production companies to move closer to the big audiovisual companies in Spain.

in regards Linguistic diversity As far as Rule has it in mind, the Vox spokesperson believes it will be the kind of movie “not even the actors’ relatives will watch.” “There are films produced in minority languages ​​that are very successful, like ‘The Passion’, shot in Aramaic and Latin, but most of the works that will be shot in the languages ​​they promote make La Piedad sound like a smash hit.”

However, the rest of the parliamentary blocs agreed that the film law is “necessary” for the sector, although it lacks some “improvements”. However, Socialist Representative José Losada has railed against the Vox amendment because the script “doesn’t allow even three half-baked edits” and asserted that the film code is based on the principles of freedom of expression and pluralism and that they agree on the character of Carlos Saura. “This legislature will be the legislature of culture. It is very gratifying to hear them talk about an ideological imposition. Censorship in Spain is diminishing,” Carlos Saura said in an interview, referring to the long-awaited Franco dictatorship. This law fight Francoisism as well as him virility

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For her part, MP Maria Soledad Cruz stressed that the rule “can be significantly improved, not too ambitious and innovative,” and advised the need to simplify procedures and improve coordination “to pave the way for professionals.” “It is necessary to update the 2007 law but it must be done well. For this reason, we have registered a proposal for the emergence of the sector to make a good law. Our seventh art makes us a more educated and critical society. We need the general audiovisual law and this law to be in line with each other so that Spain can be a magnet for audiovisual production.”

On behalf of Podemos, Pedro Antonio Honrup described Vox’s adaptation as “settling scores with Spanish cinema” due to “an ideological shock because they realize that a lot of people in cinema are left-wing and progressive” and pointed out the inconsistencies. which is subject to modification. “You can’t take it seriously,” he said.

From the ERC, Joan Margal-Sastre, who described what Vox Cinema would be like if it were in government. He noted that “Ortega Smith could embody some rickety, racist and macho police role in Torrente or he could be William Wallace in brave heart fighting on the Rock of Gibraltar with his face painted the same red”.

Mertxe Aizpurua, of EH Bildu, warned that Vox sees cinema as a “tool of manipulation, propaganda, sectarianism and totalitarianism”, based on the amendment. “Vox wants the cinema to tell the story of Millán Astray, rather than the story of Miguel de Unamuno. Its text is reminiscent of the times of French censorship”, and emphasized that he defined the formation as the party of “Franco, macho and warmongering”, terms which were finally pulled from the session journal at Vox’s request.

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For PNV MP Joseba Andoni Agirretxea, Vox points out, “Statement Ignorance of the Spanish governance model“.” It seems that this law wants to resolve the issues that were left in the air in the previous regulations and there is some contradiction, such as not addressing the organization of production agreements with other countries, or the ambiguity on the issue of independent producers. “Which definition will prevail?” he asked.

For his part, from Ciudadanos, Guillermo Díaz explained that support criteria should be “more thoughtful”, criticizing that there are films that have more aids than they bring in at the box office, and adding that it is “abnormal” that they “cheat” shooting in languages ​​other than Spanish. He pointed out that “cheating in the cinema with stakes of this kind only benefits some. As if comedy is promoting drama.”

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