Film Festival | The Cannes Film Festival has a problem called Maïwenn (and some others)

Although it is already known that Cannes is prone to this raise controversy Like vinegar to attract flies, this year officials have to hear the sizzle much earlier than expected, more than a month after the 76th edition of the contest began and just days after it was announced. for him film The opening will be period drama Jane du Barry.

Its French director and star has just been announced MayweenAnd He was sued at the beginning of March by journalist Edwy Plenel, editor-in-chief of the French magazine Informational partwho accuses her of physical abuse; According to the police report, at the end of February, the director saw her alleged victim in a restaurant and after approaching him without saying a word, she “grabbed him by the hair before spitting in his face.” in his day Informational part comprehensive search in Allegations of sexual misconduct Filed against the director and producer Luc Besson, Maïwenn’s ex-husband and father of her daughter.

Depp’s return after the trial of Amber Heard

Before the accident became the headline, anyway, pick Jane du Barry On the festival side, it had been embroiled in controversy from the first moment it was published. Primarily because it is technically dubious this confirms stubborn tendency and that they feel at Cannes for a director who has so far given little indication that he deserves it; This is his fourth movie.Police (2011), my dear (2015) and DNA: The Origin of Love (2020) — that the position is made in the official section of the competition, in which case it is a particularly distinguished position.

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Secondly, above all, because of the identity of its male protagonist. Based on the life of the historical figure of the same name, The woman of the lower class who became the last official mistress of King Louis XVThe film includes Johnny Depp’s first major acting job in three years, as a royal; Maïwenn hired him before losing a libel case against the British newspaper the sunwhom he called a “wife-beater”, and that he then won a defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Hurdwho implicitly accused him of domestic violence.

There is no doubt that the actor will be present in Cannes for the screening of the film, although his participation in the accompanying press conference is less conspicuous, not because of his reluctance to answer uncomfortable questions about his private life – but also – in connection with his possible refusal to sit at the same table. Maïwenn. Rumor has it that the relationship between the two during filming was hell.

More men have been cancelled

On the other hand, Depp may not be the only artist haunted by personal scandals for using the red carpet on the Croisette as a path to his artistic rehabilitation. Among the films that appear to be a possible presence in the festival programs The new Woody Allen, the criminal conspiracy chance cupand Roman Polanski’s new, titled satire the palace. The American was never convicted of anything in court, but was suspected of abusing his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow for 30 years; The Pole fled the US in 1978 after pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl, and since then a series of women have accused him of raping them, most recently in 2019. What will the festival gain by giving space to both directors in its selection? Why risk disapproval from other industry members and criticism from the press?

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“MeToo”, what is this?

Whether that was an answer or not, those in charge of Cannes gave successive signals regarding cinema as a sacred art and themselves as its custodians; They are, in other words, An elite group of peopleand loves her own story enough to show herself Immune to the radical transformation of the cultural landscape After the movements were interrupted in 2017 ‘Me too’ and “time’s up”. This is the only way to explain, for example, Her indomitable resistance to including more films directed by women in her programming and his stunning decision to award an honorary award in 2019 to Alain Delon, An actor in his extraordinary day has history Domestic Violence, Homophobia, and Links to the Far-Right. The festival’s artistic director stated at the time: “Dillon is free to give his own opinions even if I don’t share them.” Thierry Frémaux. “It is currently difficult to find someone who will honor or reward him, because in any case you risk being overturned by the political correctness police.

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There is little left to know about the titles and authors who will be at Cannes from May 16th. The bulk of the programs will be announced next Thursday, and as usual, some names will be added to them in the coming weeks. but, Jane du Barry It is not the only novel whose existence has already been confirmed. They are sure, for example, to see their world premiere on Croisette alike Indiana Jones and the Port of Destiny Like the new Martin Scorsese movie, Moonflower Killers.

The sexual toughness of “The Idol”

Some rings are also known idolHalf of the new HBO production created by the director Sam Levinson and The Weeknd Which, surprisingly, actually generated disturbing news. In a report published recently by the American Journal Rolling stones About the series -The hero who is nothing but Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp, is in the shoes of the aspiring pop star who develops an unhealthy sexual relationship with a self-help guru played by a musician-, film crew members compare its content to “pornography based on sexual violence” and rdquor; “Toxic man rape fantasies & rdquor;. In the end, regarding the relationship between Cannes and the controversies, one should probably ask: Who is the vinegar here and who is the fly?

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